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Thread: Faction Changes in the future.

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    Default Faction Changes in the future.

    I know this would seem to be a fairly small detail and I'm sure I'm not the first to ask for it. I bet many people assume it is just something that kiddies want. I am a 26 year old male however, and I want faction changes. I do not want to pay a price to switch my faction including my race, ala wow, but would rather there be a betrayal quest line or something along that nature, so I could be a dwarf defiant player. I have almost come to grips with the fact that there does not appear to be a new race included in the upcoming expansion, well almost, but the opportunity to switch different races over to different factions I think would console me about this mild disappointment. Thanks for hearing my ideas and thanks for implementing out desires Trion we LOVE YOU!!!

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    If they did that i would go defiant just for the City, I hate sanctum but i don't want to give up my 50 rouge

    I Agree with faction changes

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    Hmmm...Maybe High elf male, prefers Kalrai or eth women...Boom betrayal....a choosen of the gods, converting to Magitech, Magitech...and Defiant women...Hello Asha!

    I dont know, I can see a defiant maybe converting to guardians, but cant see a Ascended of the vigil betraying the oragins lore wise. Then even a defiant, sent from a doomed future resurected by Magitech, the hope of his people, angry about what the guardians did to them, just joing the vigil, who speak aginst there race. Dose not seem to fit ether.

    *Shrugs* Maybe if they worked it out so your character was betrayed, and you switched sides...but then...oh I dont know.

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