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    Excuse my typing ability currently down to only having the on screen keyboard since mine died

    Recently with the unveil of trions current developement on dimensions housing, and future guild dimensions it brought me back to a moment of nostalgia. I used to a mud client game from the 90's where pvp originated for me. With the game staff less transparent there, I helped in the event's team for this game, and helped to bring that to the forefront of what mattered there.
    With the utilities and tools we're being granted for customization (which the sky should be the limit on possibilities, because we all love to be able to tweak/perfect and ideally be able to do anything we could dream up with our characters.) . Myself, having the ability to use a crude version of the build software to construct like a colloseum to hold ffa/mosh matches, duelist tournaments, CTF, death matches, X VS X style, tower defense, would be brilliant, and I could continue on with more formats but you get the idea.

    Basically the wish list for this comes down to
    The build software (To set res points, build structures[people love to build ex. minecraft])
    The ability to script and string events
    Scriptable npcs (kill counts, victory, the ability to make sure no cheating goes on, etc)

    This would pretty much cover the basics, and I would see it based more so in guild dimensions and they said it themselves that they want to go all in on this project.
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