I propose that, when someone chooses to respawn to the nearest graveyard, they have the ability to revive from 'soulwalk mode' at any graveyard they please... so it does not have to be the one they respawn at, originally.

As an example of how this is not at the moment, a few minutes ago I found myself dead and in my 'soul mode'. I decided that, instead of reviving at the graveyard I was sent to, I would run through the slew of mobs between my starting graveyard and the destination I wanted to get to (instead of wasting a soul recall just to get there) and revive at the graveyard that was practically right next to said destination.

Once I got there, spoke to angel person, revived... it popped me back at the graveyard I started at. I was like, "What?!"

To compliment this suggestion, two optional, though not overtly important (at least not to me) changes could also be made:

1. Allow someone to see all graveyards ONLY during soulwalk mode. This could be limited to the minimap only, or encompass the entire zone on the world map (sort of like how when you zoom in enough, you can see rifts, footholds, invasions, ports, etc.). The entire world of graveyards seems rather pointless... I could be wrong.

2. Make it possible to, when pressing the 'Return to Graveyard' button, either return to the graveyard you started at (like it is now), or simply the nearest graveyard. This would cut down travelling times in soulwalk mode if you know exactly where your destination graveyard is. It could be optional, where one could choose one or the other, or simply changed to be 'nearest' instead of 'starting' graveyard.

A problem I've encountered a few times is not being able to revive in a 'safe' place due to the fact that when you die and respawn, you're automatically dropped at the nearest graveyard. Sometimes, this can be over and at the bottom of a cliff or up a mountainside you were standing next to (inadvertently extending your return-to-place travelling time massively longer), or somehow in the middle of mobs 5 levels beyond you. I believe these changes could remedy situations similar to these, since it would be possible to ghost your way back to an ideal location that won't result in you dying again 30 seconds later.

Thank you for your time