Queue Solo or in pairs

Works similar to a Chronicle blended with a Wedding Instance.

0 loot, achievements or PA.

Several flavors:
  • Normal (equivalent to 5-man normal dungeon)
  • Expert (equivalent to 5-man expert dungeon)
  • 10-Man Raid (equivalent to T1 raid)
  • 10-Man Expert Raid (equivalent to T2 raid)
  • 10-Man End-Game Raid (equivalent to T3 raid)
  • 20-Man Raid (equivalent to T1 raid)
  • 20-Man Expert Raid (equivalent to T2 raid)
  • 20-Man End-Game Raid (equivalent to T3 raid)

As you zone in, each party member (up to 2 total) talks to an NPC and indicates which role they're filling. Once ready, group leader talks to another NPC and starts the "event".

Based upon the instance you entered, and the roles you specified to the NPC, an assortment of NPC's form up to assist you. IE: If you chose tank and queued solo then DPS, Heal & Support NPC's would show up and assist you (heal you, cast buffs, cast debuffs, dps...).

The instance itself would have 3 wings.
  • Left Wing - Tank-n-spank boss with no movement, typical raid/tank damage & boss health.
  • Right Wing - Tank-Swap high movement boss with lots of aoe damage and tank debuffs.
  • Center Wing - Blend of Left & Right with cleanses, purges & interrupts mixed in.

Basic purpose: To allow testing of non-DPS specs & roles. To allow practicing of boss mechanics while learning new DPS rotations. To evaluate new recruits, or help pupils learn & master something you're teaching them. Etc, etc, etc.

Seems to me that most of the mechanics involved in something like this already exist somewhere in the game. The value, here, should be obvious. I understand there are technical limitations and that this would take a while to develop. I just think something like this would be vastly superior to other MMO offerings for learning, practice & evaluation. And I think it fits well within the confines of Rift. Lore-wise, just refer to the instances as prisons & throw in some story about defeating uprisings, etc... or something similarly explanatory. They could optionally have trash packs to practice CC (maybe by asking an NPC to make it tougher or more complex).

It might even be beneficial to REVEAL the statistics behind each mob/boss/npc so that theorycrafters could come up with specific parses for the place(s).