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Thread: Wardrobe fixes!

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    Default Wardrobe fixes!

    I love the wardrobe slots! No longer do I have to sacrifice armor values purely for the look of my toon. HOWEVER, what the crap is up with some armor not being allowed to equip in a wardrobe slot? I can find no reason for this, and no indicator as to whether or not I can equip something or not, so end up with a bank full of things I can't wear because I won't give up my armor values, and they cannot be equipped as wardrobe.. And before you start, yes this gear is for my class, not like I'm trying to put plate armor on a mage. While I'm on that subject, if its wardrobe, I ought to be able to wear whatever I like right? So why not make all armor interchangeable in wardrobe so we have more options..

    Honestly, I find it VERY annoying and totally pointless to no allow all armor to be worn as wardrobe. But that's just my opinion.

    Secondly, OMFG these slots cost more than my bank slots. Seriously? I'll pay for them, sure.. but still.. it seems like a lot.

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    It would be really nice if we coould equip other gear piecea, like cloth for my cleric. i mean if i can equip ot, then why cannot i put them in a wardrobe slot? Mages compared to clerics have really nice gear, and clerics gear is just.... well boring. So please trion consider this option. And i have seen a lot of plauers are asking for weapon wardrobe slots, so add thag too.

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    The restrictions were pointless a long time ago (so long ago that most people have gotten sick of complaining about it, lol) and grow more pointless with each costume piece that enters the game. Like the barber shop, by the time the fix is in, the entire topic will be stale and people will be almost past caring. These things simply shouldn't take this long to remedy.
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    I totally agree. I know there are people that don't want that option, because it would be confusing as to what a character actually is. (I'm not one of those people, I've just read about it). If they wanted to compromise, at LEAST let us all put cloth in our wardrobe slots, in addition to our own gear. Cloth shouldn't be too confusing, should it?
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