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Thread: Get Rid of Role Slots..

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    Default Get Rid of Role Slots..

    As a rogue that plays many roles in this game I love the fact we can switch between 6 different builds at any time. However, As many players that enjoy and master many roles 6 is never enough. I would like to make a suggestion and have the community throw in some input to see if the Devs can implement something like this in the future.

    Right now I play on a PVP server so i have the following rolls

    2x PVP
    3x DPS
    1x TANK

    I need a Bard spec and a few others to make myself as flexable as i can.

    My suggestion.

    Like macros slots make it so we can have soul slots. Let us reset and respec on the fly at any time so we don't have to port out to try new things for boss mechanics. make it so your hotkeys and hot bars are saved in these slots along with your point breakdowns. Get rid of the current 6 and give us many that we can save our rolls and switch to them as needed. Allow us to save equipment setups for each roll/soul. Even if you gave us 10 or 15 I can honestly say for some boss fights a specific spec benefits us greatly and we could use them all.

    You could go as far an add in macros for each of the soul slots. So we have a global Macro window that is for all souls and one that is specific for each of the class/souls we have.

    Your game is unique due to how many combinations you can have and I think this would allow us as players to leverage them on the fly as needed. It would be a benefit to the Raiding and PVP community and save time in game. Visiting a trainer is old school and we are ascended. We have the soul of these warriors in us but cant use them without talking to someone each time.

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    but with so many roles, and so few macro slots, how will Trion handle space for more macros?
    there has to be a reason for the current macro limit.
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    Lets Go Rift. Hope Archeage can do something next. Lets Save Rift

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    So what you're saying is that instead of six roles you want a dozen or more and you want them all from the start instead of paying plat for them...
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    Respecing is almost free. All we really need is a way to save hot key arrangements.

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    Redoing bars is the most annoying thing really, the cost is insignificant

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