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Thread: In-game tooltips, please go one way or the other or give us an option to change them.

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    Default In-game tooltips, please go one way or the other or give us an option to change them.

    I personally find the "dumbing down" of tooltips over the last few patches to be, to put it very, very mildly, annoying. I am not an idiot. I have at least average reading comprehension (when I'm awake and not distracted) and I have yet to find anything in Rift that requires reading comprehension beyond that which I had by the 6th or 7th grade. I do not like seeing informative tooltips removed and replace with something that to be quite honest looks like it was written with the express intent of pandering to ex-World of Warcraft players who would have trouble velcro'ing their pants shut after using the toilet.

    As things currently stand the tooltips for the Riftstalker's Phases, Chloromancer's Veils, Justicar's Miens, and related abilities do not provide the concrete, useful information that they used to. Not only is it frustrating as heck but it can, and will, lead to significant confusion among new players. Case in point, Veils.

    LGV: Damage dealt by the Mage heals up to 5 party or raid members for a small portion of the damage done. Heals significantly more using Life damage. Heals significantly less using area effect damage. Lasts 1h.

    LBV: Damage dealt by the Mage heals up to 5 party or raid members for a small portion of the damage done. Heals significantly more using Life damage. Heals significantly less using area effect damage. Lasts 1h.

    The problems are as follows.

    #1 Both tooltips are identical even though their effects aren't given that LBV in and of itself heals for significantly smaller values than LGV until the player invests a large number of points into the soul. It used to be that newer players, or slower players, would get confused and have to ask whether to use LGV or LBV for healing 5-man dungeons. Now even smart player can find themselves asking that because the tooltips don't inform you of the distinction between the two.

    #2 Neither tooltip mentions the "only heals on the first tick" aspect of DoTs which in turn means that new players might expect all DoT ticks to heal. You might be able to get away with saying, "Well it's inferred because it doesn't state that all DoT ticks heal," but I personally find the, "Well this is valid because it's invalidity wasn't mentioned" argument to be silly.

    #3 The wording indicates that, for example, both veils only heal the party for 5% of the damage dealt by non-Life damage and 20-25% of damage done by Life spells. By any measure a 300-400% increase in healing is indeed "significantly more" than the base value. Unfortunately while that works for Lifebound Veil Lifegiving Veil heals for a base value of 80% of all Life damage done. That is a 1,500% increase, very much beyond the scope most people ascribe to the term "significantly."

    Now this is what I'm proposing.

    #1 Revert all tooltips back to their original state thereby putting back the valid, useful numbers.

    #2 Provide the equivalent of an "I am not a moron" check box in the UI options so that when checked we get the old, full of information tooltips from all these abilities and when unchecked people get tooltips more suitable for new players, slow players, ex-WoW players (and I use that in the stereotypical sense as I myself have, and in "some fashion" still play Warcraft), and anyone else who had issues with the old tooltips.

    #3 Continue in the same "dumbing down" fashion and remove hard, informative numbers from all other root and branch items in our soul trees. For example

    Empowered Veil rank 1 : Increases the damage bonus from your Entropic Veil to 13%, increases healing generated from your Lifegiving Veil by Life damage to 90%, increases healing generated from your Lifebound veil by Life damage to 20% and increases the radius of your Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil by 5 meters.

    becomes : Increases the damage bonus from your Entropic Veil, increases the healing generated from your Lifegiving and Lifebound Veils by Life damage, and increases the radius of your Lifegiving and Lifebound Veils.

    This one's a real winner of an idea because it can, and will, reduce the storage space required for tooltip text in the database as well as potentially reduce the size of tooltip windows. That window size reduction will also boost tooltip loading times and reduce the client resources devoted to rendering them which in turn will yield a miniscule, and probably not but perhaps noticeable, increase in game performance.

    Another example would be:

    Natural Awareness rank 1 : Casting a Life based spell enhances your Intelligence by 5% for 6 seconds.

    becomes : Casting a Life based spell enhances your Intelligence for 6 seconds.

    Faith in Action : Increases Attack Power by Spell Power, Physical Crit by Spell Crit, and Melee Hit by Spell Focus.

    becomes : Converts Spell Power to Attack Power, Spell Crit to Physical Crit, and Focus to Hit.

    Please note that this one not only removes the information that it's a 1:1 conversion but it's also easier to understand by players who are more easily confused by word problems than other players.

    Long Range Bombing Rank 1 : Increases the range you can hurl your Bombs by 2 meters and reduces the cooldown of your Bombs by 1 second.

    becomes : Increases the range you can hurl your Bombs and reduces the cooldown of your Bombs.

    I mean come on, if we don't need to know the base healing values for Lifebound and Lifegiving Veil, if we don't need to know the increases to threat generation, armor, endurance, and resistances and damage reduction yielded by Guardian Phase or the innate and plane shifting based damage increase/threat reduction from Stalker Phase, if we don't need to exactly how useful, or not useful as the case may be, Miens are for clerics do we really need to know just how useful, or not useful, anything else in the game is?

    If #3 sounds a bit "scorched earth" it's intended to be. I liked the old tooltips. I want to either see the changes rolled back or at least us given the option to have non-tutorial/idiot tooltips. I don't want to see all branch and root tooltips dumbed down like that, but if things continue on where tooltips that matter, tooltips for important things that define the soul, remain dumbed down and barely informative I'd much rather see that all tooltips get the same treatment. At the very least it would help prevent players getting confused as to why some tooltips contain exact information and why some don't.

    This isn't a priority issue for/with the game, but it is one of numerous "small things" that, for many players, add up over time until the general levels of frustration and dissatisfaction with a game cause them to leave. This issue goes alongside world event tracking constantly turning on every time you log in with a character even though every time you log in you disable the tracking. It goes in right alongside low-level mobs dazing and dismounting high level players, something that was actually "fixed."

    Frankly I'd rather not see Rift become another World of Warcraft, we don't need another MMO that panders to that crowd, but given the option between the current, "We're going to give you useful information about things that don't matter and useless information about things that do matter" design and going entirely to useless information I'll push for all information being useless. Middle-grounds like this just annoy the hell out of me for some reason.

    Please note: All tooltip information was taken from rift.zam.com. If any of it is incorrect I take full responsibility for it due to being too lazy to log into the game and switch between multiple characters across multiple servers to verify this information. Feel free to correct any mistakes, but please refrain from accusing me of being ignorant when I'm merely lazy.

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    You think it's bad now? Jump on PTS and see what they plan to do to them in 1.8.

    I've already got a thread going on it at

    Riftstalker tooltip changes clarification please

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    Really, I gotta endorse this.

    If you have people who can't handle the detailed tooltips, fine, make the details optional.

    But please, make it so that people who are comfortable with numbers get enough numbers to make informed decisions.
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