#1 "Fix" the scroll bar so that it stops repositioning every time you delete a macro.

Ex: I start on "page 1" (first 10 macros) of the macro UI and I want to delete macros 14, 15, and 16. I either have to scroll down to see them, click on one macro in that area, and click "save" to "lock" my viewing position before deleting them, or I can just scroll down to "page 2," delete one, scroll down to page 2 again, delete one, and then scroll down to page two a third time and delete the last one.

#2 Let us create macros with "invalid" abilities so that we don't have to change roles to do so.

Ex: I decide to consolidate macros for a given role or role type in one section of the macro list so I copy all the text from one, click on a free slot, paste it in, and can't save it. I'm getting ready to test out a Justicar/Druid/Inquisitor build and the macro I'm working with is:
#show Cleansing Prayer
cast @focus Cleansing Prayer

It's perfectly valid, it works just fine for my healing role, but apparently because Cleansing Prayer isn't in my available spell/ability book I can't actually create a macro with that ability in it.

Oh, yes, and on a side note there's a bug involving #2. Specifically even after changing roles you cannot save the macro. You have to click on the slot a second time thereby deleting the text before re-entering it in order to be able to actually create the macro.