to me, choosing your race should be for aesthetics only, but different races allso have different casting, mounted and melee animations to name a few. personally I would love to be able to choose my own animations either at character gen or even better make it a menu in the character menu, so below character, stats, wardrobe, currency etc etc etc, have 'animations' and a list;

Spell animation #1
Spell animation #2
Spell animation #3
Mount animation
melee # 1, 2 3 etc you get the picture and you choose the one you want out of all of the ones the races currently have, without gender distinction either.

It's just a little something that will and customization, but certainly would raise my overall gaming satisfaction dramatically, because I'm a mathosian guardian and I'm all settled into the game and my guild now, but took the time to actually look at the bhami animations recently and just though 'damn whish mine were that good'

it occurs to me the whenever I've switched race/faction in past games it's usually for a better looking character with better animations, more than any storyline attachments.