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Thread: Whatever happened to the souls representing an elemental aspect?

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    Default Whatever happened to the souls representing an elemental aspect?

    (Including life and death for this)

    I am fairly sure I remember reading a long time back in the early days of Rifts development that the souls would represent the various different elemental aspects as well as Life and Death. Now some souls seem to have a push towards a certain aspect (say Warden for water and Reaver for Death) but a lot of the souls just seem to be bits and pieces of various elements with no real feel of cohesion or theme to them.

    Am I just imagining this or was it ever actually thought about? It certainly would feel a bit better within the context of the storyline and such but seems to have either started and never finished or just never bothered with at all.

    My thoughts at least for warriors would have been

    Reaver: Death (already there)
    Paladin: Life (already there but unfortunately it's 'holy' not the true life element of Rift)
    Champion: Earth (very much the strong, brutish themed soul)
    Paragon: Air (has ranged aspects and does a little bit of air damage already)
    Riftblade: Fire (almost there but has a mix of different elements)
    Void Knight: Water (ran out of choices really but it was either water or air and with Paragon being a bit more air themed water had to be the choice)

    Adding new souls would have been easy enough to follow the theme using the 'para elements' style from various old RPG's such as an Swampy/Rotting themed class doing water and death damage. Lava/Magma class doing earth/fire for example.

    Ah, probably just empty wishes and a fading memory (old age) really but I do think a bit more theme towards the elements would help to have a more interesting system.
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    Would have been great, I agree. Would have also been a good way to keep the soul aquisition quests in and add a bit more depth, lore to them. Maybe make a good first solo instance if you would have had to go into the rift to find and battle the soul you were after, and while battling learn the various abilities of the soul as they used them on you. While making some of the souls more rare and harder to acquire, like say, souls only useful in a raid environment (bard) only attainable at max lvl after an arduous quest series. Talk about daydreaming /sigh

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