That is my suggestion.

I have just answered Asherron's thread about making the transfer of stuff easier from one char. to another. I hope it will be addressed.

I have not been here long enough to know if it will. I have heard that you, at Trion, address your clientele's needs, but I have yet to experiment it.

I understand that you are in business to make money -- perfectly normal --, but giving away little gifts like you did or, by other means, encouraging long-term subscription will not make me stay.

What will make me stay and keep playing the game, is customer support, and the way you respond to everyday requests from the players.

That is the secret. WoW is big, but they don't care. The way they only seek to make money is too obvious and pathetic -- no pathetic implies "sad" and is too kind, in fact, it's just lame. And many of us, who come to you after having been in Azeroth, are looking for something else.
We understand that you want to make money, and will be but too happy to give you some provided you don't become the cold, greedy machine Blizz. is.

And the only way to achieve this is to listen to us.

And yes, I just had a bad experience with them: just finished giving them about 300$ worth of transfers and was about to re-activate my familie's 2 other accounts, then I asked for a profession restore, and was denied. Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription. Didn't even argue with them, that's how sick I already was of their cupidity.

So now I am here to give Rift a serious try.

Honestly, I can't wait to find an online game which will give me this: the feeling that, yes my money is important, but too that people "care" about giving as much to their players as they can.

I mean, it's all virtual stuff anyways, not like it costs you that much to make a few changes, of give away a few things, as you already have the employees -- and the investment will show a return anyways as the gamers will be happy. See, we know that. That's why when something is not addressed, we are disappointed. Generally speaking, of course; not saying "you" do that per se.

Perhaps I'm bashing in an open door and you already give total satisfaction? If that is so, great then, and feel free to ignore this post. But just the same, I will feel better having said it because, so far, I really like this game.


PS: If you have read all of this, thank you for your time and hope your eyes are not bleeding.