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Thread: PvP [Something Fresh]

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    Default PvP [Something Fresh]

    I've been thinking how boring and FPS-like PvP in Rift has become for me. New WF is just another copy of existing WF with different terrain.
    What i would like to propose is make PvP a lot more competitive and fun as well as organized group (premade) oriented.

    First of all i would like to introduce a new PvP currency that could only be earned by participating in mentioned below events. PvE content has so many different currencies, so PvP could use at least one more other than Favor. This new currency could be used to purchase new items different to currently available PvP items. Maybe something like prestige exp gain vials that wouldn't cost very cheap of course, or new costumes as well as new weapons and armours, not necessarily the most powerfull ones just different to the current.

    Guild vs. Guild (GvG)
    There's nothing new here that hasn't been accomplished in other MMOs and probably suggested by someone already. Create an instance for Guilds to battle against each other as well as enabling world GvG. The concept would be a pre scheduled tournament between guilds, where you can choose the team sizes, player ranks allowed to join the teams on both sides and of course the stake (plat or items).
    Once a week there could be an event that involves a tournament of multiple guild fighting against each other and progressing until the 2 strongest ones clash in battle.

    The additional rewards for scheduled GvG could be prestige exp (for groups below R8), new PvP currency, weekly guild buffs for winning a weekly tournament such as dmg increase or exp gain or whatever.

    This is one of many ideas and fairly easy realizable.

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    I like the idea of a more-structured PvP environment, and one that allows players to restrict the Rank ranges. If it was total cross-shard, you wouldn't even have to bother worrying about queue times or a lack of players willing to do said tournaments.

    Really, anything to level the playing field in PvP is great by my standards. Having "Standard Issue" PvP Gear for each match would be a start (allowing it to FINALLY be balanced in time). World PvP, wear whatever you want... but in a Warfront, everyone would be on equal ground.

    Frankly I don't give a flying fornication how long someone has been PvPing, and I don't need to be beaten over the head by their gear-laden epeen because of it. Competitive games are fun when the competition stands on equal ground and the only thing separating the wheat from the chaff is ingenuity and knowledge. If someone says he enjoys roflstomping, I consider him to either be lame or lying.
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    I also made other enhancements to certain aspects of the game for various reasons.

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