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Thread: More Aggressive Rifts/"expert" PvE gameplay

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    Default More Aggressive Rifts/"expert" PvE gameplay

    I just read Reviving The Rift from Rift Junkies, and that got me thinking
    ( http://www.riftjunkies.com/2011/09/2...ving-the-rift/ )

    I recently started playing, and before this I ran in the Beta. it took me a while to come around

    Either way, I love the Rift/Invasion processes, but I find them to be more restrained than what I remember from before. It reminds me uncomfortably of the Public Quests in Warhammer Online - pretty, but nobody did them after one month.

    Now I understand why invaders dissapear after awhile - sometimes, you wanna log in, do a daily, and log off. It's annoying to find an Elite invasion sitting on top of the corpse of the quest giver.

    Well, not to me actually. That is really cool. I love how invasions, when successful, take over areas and start spawning their own stuff. I love coming across Life and Death fighting each other.

    What if we had brand new servers, with the difficulty of standard PvE content ramped up?
    Larger, more active invasions. Enemies that don't phase out after awhile.
    What if you had to work to get Stillmoor back to questable state? You know, like an invasion raid, just on a larger scale.

    Is an area taken over by a plane? Well, how about planar invasions from their opposites, or even nearby zones? I can easily imagine players caught in the crossfire. That way, you don't end up with every single zone staticly taken over after a long weekend.

    And I do mean a separate server. Somewhere you'd probably start a new character.
    Make the RIFTS come to life, please. It is by far and wide my favorite part of the game - the living world around me - and I would like it to come around, kick my ***, and eventually distribute loot.
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    Default Brilliant

    Those ideas (ALL OF THEM) are fantastic. But maybe not even whole new servers, we already have PvE servers where people complain because of lack of..well...PvE. I think all of the PvE servers could afford to be ramped up, even if several were increased in different amounts. Haha, like a star system. 3 star servers are medium, 5 stars is hard..etc.
    Just brainstorming. But yes, the wild rifts and invasions really do make the world come alive around you, which I love. Great ideas

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    Agreed. Take a click in my Signature, where I have a thread about beefed up Rifts and Invasions. I didn't even touch on the Rewards, lol!

    I definitely miss being "scared" of a Zone Invasion. Like, legitimately scrambling to find anyone to help me out, because if we didn't do something, our world was FUBAR.
    That died somewhere between Open Beta and Patch 1.2, I think. Really sad.
    The most fun I have these days is discovering a Quest Hub in Stillmoor that's got 30+ Elite Invasions camped in it, and teaming up with 3 or 4 random Ascended to take it out (usually over the course of 20 minutes and 4+ wipes). Everyone always comments on how fun it is, yet it's so rare and nothing is done with it! I get a thrill like that maybe once a week if I'm lucky enough to log in to such a quagmire. That's why I love tanking, not so that I can memorize a fight and fall asleep at the keys.

    I still believe that if you partake in a Zone Event, your stats should be scaled DOWN (never up) to that Event's intended level (the level of the mobs). Clearly you still have your spells and trinkets, but now you can't faceroll anything for the lowbies and the loot you get would be scaled to your current Tier of content.

    That's right; Tier. Not level. If you're doing T2 Expert Dungeons, you get T2-equitable loot. If you've got Hammerknell on farm, you stand a chance to get a piece of Hammerknell gear from your Rift Loot Bag. And it'd all be for your Calling! None of this looting mage items for your warrior -- what bogus is that?

    Bosses should attempt to sack the major cities more reliably. More than one boss should spawn in every invasion (always at different locations in the zone). Boss health should always be displayed for everyone in the zone once they're up (so you don't spend 5 minutes running across the zone to just arrive as s/he dies). Zone invasions should be more frequent. Taken-over quest areas or overrun zones should offer special quests targeted at reclaiming the environment.

    There's so much to do. Scott Hartsman mentioned the LEGO analogy for the Rift system, saying something like, "Let's assume that a Rift is like a LEGO block. You pick up one piece and tell me "This isn't very fun", and I agree with you. But that's not what LEGO is about -- you need to combine the pieces in interesting ways to get the real enjoyment. Same with the Rifts, it's all in how they interact."

    Scott, the Rifts aren't really interacting. And sometimes we only run across a few at a time -- what am I supposed to do with 4 LEGO bricks? (Actually I'm quite crafty with LEGOs... =D) Please, each Rift needs to be a barrel of fun in itself, and then people will get more excited about how they interact and flow in with eachother.
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    I also made other enhancements to certain aspects of the game for various reasons.

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