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Thread: Invading the Planes

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    Default Invading the Planes

    The idea for "Taking the fight to the Planes" has been raised before via having them as raid zones, sure. But I've been thinking about a different approach. Or perhaps even as a taster before the main event. A small skirmish before the battle proper if you will, heh.

    All right this is sort of how my idea goes. It boils down to a fast and furious ‘Survival Arena’ fight as the group tries to hold out for as long as possible against the Plane’s natives on the other side. Accumulating more goodies the longer they can hang in there.

    The Fight
    The ‘attack’ is started by first fully sealing a regular Rift. But when the Rift starts to dissipate the player has the opportunity to use a new Ascended Power. This allows the group that just sealed it to enter the Plane via the Rift themselves.

    The group can then transport to a (very) small instance where the fight will take place. Once through a timer starts to tick down – the objective is simply to survive until the timer expires or as long as possible. The chance at the best goodies and currencies are gotten by holding out right until the timer expires, but you slowly accumulate loot the longer you’re in there via the rift loot bag.

    Larger and stronger waves will spawn from all sides every 20 seconds or so, so being flat out overwhelmed through not killing fast enough or losing to attrition is a real danger. Players who die in the ‘attack’ will be kicked out the instance and straight back to Telera to add to this (though they keep the loot they’d won to that point)

    Mob difficulty and number would scale to match the number of people in the group/raid.

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    Ever since I closed my first rift, I've pondered the possibility of going to other planes through them. I'd love to see a feature like this sometime down the line. /cheer

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