1) Fix the antialiasing.
2) Allow players with large quantities of ram to expend some of it (possibly via options checkbox/dropdown/slider).
3) Resolve the issue with character models teleporting in the opposite direction when using Riftwalk or the rogue equivalents.

1 - The new anti-aliasing 'improvement' actually seems to cause ~20% framerate decrease for me. With the last patch (1.5), I cannot use anti-aliasing without crawling. Before 1.5, I had Edge Smoothing on a BFG Tech nVidia 260GTX. Now, using a EVGA nVidia 560ti, I cannot even use Edge Smoothing without dropping to recognizable lag (less than 24fps).

2 - I am GREATLY noticing that most of the game tries to utilize hard drive read/write, instead of using more RAM. I can only guess that this was an effort to allow versatility in the systems that can run the game. However, this leads to pathetically slow load in times for those of us without solid state drives or 'Extreme Edition' processors. Please give us the option to use considerably more RAM instead of the destroying our hard drives faster.

3 - I can really only believe this is a network issue. Client to server to client is understandly not perfect. However, would it not be possible to allow some form of generic trigger stating "if character A is facing <direction_id> AND casts Riftwalk, then move character A ~20 meters forward" graphically? Probably being petty, but due to issue #2 this gives the target ~2 seconds where I get "OUT OF RANGE" with the player dry humping my backside.