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Thread: Create your own class

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    Cool Create your own class

    I have written about my conversion from WoW to Rift on my blog Qohel.

    In that post I suggest a much more flexible approach to class structure and armour use would give Rift a major boost in the battle for gamers. Here is what I wrote:

    Rift will have to work hard to match the new content in WoW, and the attractions of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which launches in December of this year.

    I have a suggestion.

    One of the nice things about Rift is the soul tree system, which enables players to combine talents from different streams within a single class.

    A major improvement, and something no other MMORPG has, would be to allow players to combine soul trees from any class essentially allowing them to create their own classes. So you could combine a Champion/Riftblade Warrior with the Necro stream from the Mage class, or any other combination of any trees from any class.

    This could be boosted by allowing any character to wear any armour, giving for example, speed and spellpower bonuses to cloth armour, parry and strength bonuses to plate.

    This would add a uniquely flexible character and combat system to an already interesting game. If new content continues to be added, I think this change would make Rift unbeatable.

    Developers please feel free to contact me!

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    sounds like itd completely destroy the point of classes. i could make a tanking soul purging warrior who has like 80% dmg mitigation and drains your life with his massive SP boost from the cleric passive soul ability. itd be impossible to balance.
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    I would rather have need Callings, rather than more mix/matching.

    I already have 3 Calling ideas I been working on. 1 of them I am making the Tree for. so I cant wait till thats complete so I can start working on the other 2. woot!
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