Hi there.

Like lots of other players, I really enjoy dungeons, I spent a LOT of time in them from leveling to T2 grinding.
After some time, I finished completing my tank and healing/dps plaq gear, after that, I started raiding and getting gear that was better.
just like lots of other players, I continued and still do dungeons with my first toon although I don't need anything from them (not even plaq gear for offspecs). the only 'up' I get from grinding these is 1 raid plaq every day. That was a cool gesture, but its pretty much nothing.
I started the game way later than others (after RoS opening) and I already have like more than 400 of these plaques of achievment that await in my bags because there is nothing at all I can spend them on...

My suggestion is the following: Give us either the possibility to transfer these plaques to other toons, or the possibility to trade a certain amount of them for raid plaques (even if its a lot I would do it since nothing else to do with these...), or maybe add higher level gear available with a big amount of these (maybe weapons/trinkets or such?)