Here is a list of thing i think will help Rift

1) MOAR ROLLZZZ (more roles) I dont get why Trion restricts the best part of their game so much.

-Trion should have 5 pve slots and 5 pvp slots. Where you start with one of each and buying new slots is the same as it is now


-Start us out with 5 slots and make us pay 50 plat for each slot after that up to 10

2) MOAR MUUUUGGZZ (more face options) I cant get over the fact that every Eth face I see looks exactly the same.

-Trion should add more face options then have a face augmentation NPC or something so that we can look different and immersion will not be non-existent for me anymore

3) MOAR NUMBERZZZZ (waaay more pvp stats) Give us more pvp stats to stare at. I love stats and would love to see more pvp stats. Hell just give us all totals and averages for everything.

These suggestions are fairly small things to spice things up a little for pvp, rp and pve.

Feel free to add more improvements below or troll me back to the troll ages