Hey guys,

so as someone in training to ebcome a game developer i began to look at PvP while comparing various games and noticed one thing.

League of Legends : This game has created a massive fanbase due to it's PvP

MMorpgs : Most never actually keep people happy with PvP.

So i looked at the two above games/genres and noticed one big reason.

League of Legends - starts all players off on the same foot gear wise and allows players to buy gear/items as the match progresses.

MMorpgs : only reward players who climb the hill of endless grind to grab there gear.

Now what if we placed a league of legends style gear system for PvP only.

You enter with no gear and have 10,000 favour given to each player, you may now buy a set of gear valid to your class.Now you have your gear go out and fight...the more objectives you take the more gameplay orientated things you do the more prestige gained to buy better things from the warfront merchant throughout the match.

This way everyone starts on the same gear level, it is now down to players skill and teamwork to improve that gear.

Having this system would add to the strategic purchases of gear types/bonuses/buffs and so on and totally eliminate any gear grind or crying related to PvP gear or it's stats ?

now we have the issue of people dont have anything to aim for ?

well lets introduce ranks PvP ranks lets give incentives still but not make PvE players feel left out.Why dont we offer a ranking system for PvP players that only works based off your shard.One for player kills,healing done death blows and so on and have one scoreboard reset daily,weekly and monthly to bring in some competition and incentives to play

What do you guys think ?