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Thread: PvP Suggestions

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    Default PvP Suggestions

    I've got a few, and I won't claim they're new ideas but if implemented all together, I think the majority could find more enjoyment in their Warfronts and open-world PvP.

    - Merge all Servers' Warfronts into a single pool (hardware intensive, I'm sure)
    - Bracket the Warfronts in half (1-4, 5-8). Combined with the above, I think we'd even see a reduction in the Queue times.
    - Boost Prestige rewards for killing higher-ranked individuals. +10% Prestige per rank that they have above you.
    - Introduce the possibility of winning a piece of PvP gear for your Rank, included in a chest given for your Dailies.

    Anyway, just some stuff to chew on. I'm sure someone somewhere will disagree, and I'd enjoy hearing why.
    (As a preemptive clarification, the goal of these suggestions would be to get more people playing PvP -- for that, they need the time to be worth it. PvP won't thrive without new blood.)
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    I also made other enhancements to certain aspects of the game for various reasons.

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    I think those are all good suggestions, thumbs up.

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