I know how generic this idea is, and makes the game seem more like its "trying to be like WoW" but Aion had a really, really nice character viewer from Day 1. The website tracks the levels per day, general play time activity, and outside market transactions. Also you can view your armor and all that good stuff, even how much money you have. Of course Rift would have to do it better and include some new features to seem different from WoW.

My idea of the perfect web viewer.

1) All the old stuff from other sites. (Auctions, Play Time Activity, Level Progression, Plat and Gold)

2) Dailies Journal. Dailies and Quests in your area (from where you last logged off from) you havent done yet or all

3) Beyond Level 50 Progression Viewer

4) Offline Soul Tree Builder that is importable to the game. Change your chacater spec while not in game. Maybe even a skill bar tool.

5) An applet like Ask Mr Robot. Showing your predicted stats if you get some new gear. More importantly a "what if" machine. Not an optimizer but a viewer with some more depth then just looking at new gear upgrades.

6) Market trends and server viewer.

Side Note: An idea I had to fix a rather dead market going on, it giving a group of servers a auction house "battlegroup" style set up. Buy and Sell across server through Auction House making a combined market. Maybe also add a local market to help internal affairs.