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Thread: Wishlist for the first expansion

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    Default Wishlist for the first expansion

    As patch 1.5 is lurking right around the corner and the game is little over 6 months old, it's only a matter of time when the first expansion is announced. I'm placing my bets around the 1 year milestone, but who knows, might be a little later with the current strong stream of patches, but it's coming for sure.

    I want to invite all of you to make your own wishlist what you would like to see in the expansion.

    Here is mine.

    On a general level I would prefer expanding more sideways than leaping forward another 10 levels and adding all the boring grind along the way. I'd much rather take 5 levels, or no levels at all. In 5 levels you could still introduce several new zones, and how about adding a couple of more mid-range zones as well. Leveling a new character up in this game is extremely dull after the first time. That 5 levels would also give you guys an excuse to place in a new hamster wheel for the raiders by making them start all over again.

    - Highly customizable housing that gives us a lot of fun things to do. My daydream would be something like UO housing in 3D, but that might be a bit far-fetched, but it is the best housing system I've seen so far.

    - Secondary skills like fishing and cooking.

    - Playable instruments, which could also be made into a third secondary skill if you want to make it harder to achieve. When I say "playable instruments" I mean a mechanic like the ABC music system in LOTRO that allows to form bands or play from pre-written notes.

    - Cloaks, or at least the darn capes. No need to add stats. Cloaks/capes could be purely cosmetic option.

    - Guild related: An ability for the guild leader to mail all members of the guild at once.

    - Raid summons (for people outside of the guild).

    - Tamable companions. Let us roam through the forests of Telara and tame our own pets! Okay, if not, then maybe give this option to all pet classes? This way warriors wouldn't be bound to their cat, rangers wouldn't have to stomp constantly on boar dung and druids could get something fiercer looking to replace the crazy afro chic. This might be difficult since there would have to be a way to allocate the new skin properly. Perhaps the tamed pet would replace the one you had out at the moment of taming.

    - Finally I was going to suggest something similar to the skirmish system in LOTRO, but with solo dungeons you're heading that way already. Now you just need to give us a "customizable sidekick" and make those dungeons to scale from 1 man up to 5 man. The bosses drop currency you use to buy rewards or upgrades to your chosen sidekick. The beauty of this system is that you really have to develop your sidekick character as well. If you're a caster, the sidekick is taken towards tanking. If you're a healer, towards tanking or DPS and so forth. Damn, this one is pretty hard to explain.

    Now, you might say that if I like so many things about LOTRO, I should go play that game. I did, and I do like to play it, but I think I like Rift a wee bit more. Anyway, these are just suggestions, nothing more

    I'll leave the other stuff like ships for the next time.

    Your turn.

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    Could not agree more, I tried to get an idea of a good time to set rift farming for my guild and we could not even mail all the members before we were mail locked. Sent to many mails..I would love to be able to click and mail all members of the guild at once
    Have you ever wanted to?

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    The option of rolling a character in a third faction.

    Rifts that open both ways: defeat the rift, and rather than it closing, you can step in and go adventure in another plane, with wildly different gameplay (after all, we're in a different dimension). Make some of the objectives in the other plane easy and solo-friendly, and some of them extremely difficult, requiring groups and/or raids to complete them.

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    already mentioned a major thing id like to see in the first expac in a suggestion i made.

    however, i think the idea for an instrument would be nice. perhaps there could be 5 instruments and each would make a different pitch from 1-0 on the keyboard. (changeable) i could see a whole new type of group sprouting from it, and i doubt itd be hard to implement.

    *cringes and awaits programmer bombardment*

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    Uhhh... a other one who enjoyed UO housing - I agree with you UO had the best housing system ever.

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    An option for races that isn't generic human, generic human with a trash stache, pointy ear and/ or rodent nosed human, big blue human and short fat human with huge hands.
    Thanks for the haircuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dourgen View Post
    An option for races that isn't generic human, generic human with a trash stache, pointy ear and/ or rodent nosed human, big blue human and short fat human with huge hands.
    You hit the nail there. A new playable race that is unique and different compared to the others. That would be awesome. Don't know how I forgot this from the list.
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    id like to play as those dragonoid guys, but who doesnt?

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    I would love for them to separate the Souls, so we have pvp versions. SO that if any changes need to be done in pvp it doesnt penalise the pve one.

    I dont mean add 8 souls, i mean have them work different in the background with a note on the skill. in pvp this souls option does this.

    I am tired of the pvp changes, affecting my PvE. Raid teams seem to go for the FOTM.

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    -huge customization features....huge!!

    -personal and guild housing


    -more mounts /pets of course

    -rifts we can enter to alternate zones ^^ <--my most hoped for addition

    -flying mounts (yes i said it, its just my wish plz dont freak out!)

    -implementation of 5 new solo/duo dungeons (dont expect raid lv gear sheesh...but something cool would be highly appealing!)

    - ability to buy past event items with current event currency

    -vanity weapon enchant effects, like the couple in game already but a permanent visual change and many many more to choose from , particle effects, dripping bld/water....pixie dust effects...gimme!

    -hmmm i gotta say it. redesign the look of current gear! ( i dont mean wardrobe i mean some epic looking gear! pweaseeee

    - dyes that dye solid over gear ie/ white over black literallymaking it snow white...i want white!, solid beautiful white ;; real life "rules" dont apply in a pretend world...please let dye.....dye!

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    More weapon and add gear effects - yes
    3rd faction - absolutely, should have done this at the beginning.
    A race that doesn't look like humans - yes x 3
    many many new area's/ regions to explore and visit - yes
    class specific mounts - yes please
    Vanity weapon slots- oh god yah
    way way better looking gear design - please. save the epic looking stuff for the end. if not then see above Vanity weapon slots.
    Oh and a big shiny red button, with a sign that says do not push, and when you push it all the guardians and their city falls into the ocean. Please.
    Cry not for the dead but for the living. For their time of suffering is still at hand.

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    My wish list:

    - Mercenaries like in DDO or Guild Wars. Mercenary Heroes are especially fun because they level and grow with you. GW also allows you to make your alts mercenary heroes. Running a dungeon with a party of your AI controlled alts is very interesting.
    - Player Relationships with minor stat boosts as you level the relationship. Not just marriages, but friends, family, etc. Runes of Magic does this well.
    - Guild Castles that you can grow and level. Once again RoM is a good example.
    - AFK Player development. Most Asian MMOs allow you to continue to advance your toon while AFK but still online. Atlantica Online has Autocraft. RoM you can work in the Guild Castle while AFK or study in your Toon' home. Something to SLOWLY grow our toons while we deal with RL demands and are AFK.
    - Player Housing. This is already mentioned but it needs to be more than just some furniture. RoM you can even level your housemaids!
    - Automove. Again common with Asian MMOs. Eden Eternal is one of the best examples of this. Nice especially for those that need frequent, abrupt AFKs because of our kids.
    - I am not sure if the new Planar Attunement is similar to the original Everquest's Alternate Advancement system, but if it is, it would be nice to be able to control how much xp goes to leveling the toon vs. AA pts - just like EQ did.
    - Pet development System - games like RoM, Dragonoath, and Forsaken World (and others) make growing, leveling, and developing a pet a rewarding experience with lots of customization.
    - more diversity of guild quests
    - Guild Recruitment/looking for guild enhancements - WoW does this well.
    - there's lots more but that's enough for now. Sorry for any typos, I am typing this on my iPhone. Speaking of which, how more smartphone options.

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    I'd like to start of by pointing out that technically speaking Rift has already had several expansions from the River of Soul raid to the slivers, Hammerknell, and the new content in 1.5.

    That said I sincerely hope Trion does not devolve, yes I said devolve as in this would be a bad thing, to the "we're going to drop a load of crap on players every x months" model of releasing content. The current model of releasing content on a regular, nearly monthly, basis is far superior so far as I'm concerned.

    Think about it for a moment if you will. Would you rather see the new zone in 1.6 or in 2.2? Would you rather see a new race in each faction in 1.9 or 2.2? In short would you rather see each new bit of content as it's developed, mostly debugged, and ready for release, or would you rather wait an additional 2-22 months for that content to be delivered as part of an expansion pack?

    Then there's the burnthrough aspects. More specifically there are people out ther who will will burn through expansion packs in under a month. This is often followed by them complaining about being bored, how the game sucks, and many other things that are purely the fault of the player. Metering out content helps alleviate those issues, though I'll admit at the cost of frustrating some players who don't like waiting month a month at a time to progress to the next level and would rather burn through a huge chunk in a month and then go play three dozen other game for the next 11 months like some hyper-active squirrel with ADHD on a permanent sugar and caffeine buzz who snorts crack on the weekends.

    That said there are more than a few things I would love to see in future content expansions regardless of whether or not they are part of expansion packs. In no particular order:

    #1 More non-hostile mobs. Specifically non-hostile non-critter NPCs that match the biological mounts in the game. They only exist with the vendors and it's creepy. I would like to see at least one herd of wild horses in Freemarch or those quasi-camel things from Iron Pine Peak.

    #2 New warfronts with multiple additions to gameplay including small group sections and strategic as well as tactical oppurtunities. As an example for what I'm suggesting, consider this. A 20 man warfront with five distinct sections.

    The first four sections are for 5v5 combat. Each one has its own specific goal. Along the way the players can make use of interactive items such as the temporary buffs or, as an example, cannons to get the edge over their opponents in achieving the sub-zone goal. Along the way they have the option of capturing a landmark item that will buff the 5-man team. If they still control this landmark when they successfully complete the goals of the sub-zone this buff is passed on to all raid members in the central/primary sub-zone.

    Once each team completes its individual section everyone is sent to the central zone for 20v20 combat to finish things off. Performance in the 5-man sub-zones should be reflected by benefits in the 20v20 sub-zone. If, for example, you capture and defend an armory you might have cannons available to use for artillery. If you hold the scout barracks your team will be joined by a set number of ranger/marksman NPCs appropriate to your faction.

    #3 A significantly enhanced rift system including, but not necessarily limited to, the following features.

    #3a Rifts should grow. The longer a rift from another plane into Tellara exists the larger and more powerful it should be. Let's say that currently a level 20 rift might cover a 25 yard radius and spawn mobs, and invasions, at or around level 20.

    I suggest that as this rift continues to exist it starts covering a larger and larger area of ground. As it covers more ground it starts spawning rift/plane-twisted/warped monsters that are similar to planar or Tellaran mobs but not quite the same. I would suggest something akin to that "elite" buff that stacks for mobs that are more powerful than regular but not truly elite as these mobs would be more powerful than normal. Furthermore the longer a rift exists the higher the level of the mobs in it, or at the least the more stacks of that elite buff they should get. Say one stack every 15-20 minutes. These plane-warped mobs should not contribue towards closing the rift just as the invasion forces spawned by rifts don't count.

    #3b Many rifts should be inherently unstable. It makes no sense that each and every rift is, until pushed past phase 3/4, inherently and perfectly stable and lasts a specific amount of time. I would like to see major rifts that can, and do, degrade into minor rifts, minor rifts that can and do swell up into major rifts, rifts that decay faster than normal and ones that decay more slowly, rifts that spawn mobs 5-10 levels lower than those for the zone and even rifts that spawn mobs 5+ levels over those in the zone, and so on. I'm not going to suggest that Freemarch start popping out level 50 rifts, even if only once in a blue moon, but it would be nice to see the occasional level 25 rift show up there. It would also be something of an interesting diversion to see a level 20 rift appear in Stillmoor and be completely decimated by the local NPCs.

    #3b More raid and expert rifts and many of them lower levels. I understand that expert and raid rifts serve a gear progression purpose at level 50 and I'm not saying that they shouldn't continue to purpose or that it isn't a useful purpose. What I would like to see is some more variety in types of rifts available to people who are leveling.

    While I personally have issues* with how rifts are currently spread out I'm not going to suggest seeing 20 man raid rifts in Freemarch with the same difficulty as if all those people tried to run Foul Cascade, but I would like to see expert variants of rift events start appearing in Stonefield and Gloamwood and raiding variants past that.

    The rewards from these events would be blue currency/item drops from the expert rifts and purple currency/item drops from the raids. This would help leveling players acquire planar goods faster without resorting to using alts to farm zone events or major rifts and eliminate the frustration of out-leveling a zone before you can afford to buy even the cheapest planar gear in it.

    #3c Rift invasions should be able to travel cross-zone. There's no logical reason why you shouldn't be able to sit back and laugh as that invasion force from Droughtlands gets slaughtered in Shimmersand or freak out and call up 10-15 other players from Freemarch to help defeat another invasion from Droughtlands. In an effort to balance this sort of thing out, however, I would suggest that at least in the case of high-level mobs entering low-level zones the longer the invasion forces are away from their home rift the weaker they get

    * - Please note that by issues I mean that while I understand that dumping level 50 rifts on players in Freemarch would not do a lot of good for the game's popularity I strongly dislike that it's completely impossible, even if only once a month, for that sort of thing to happen. If rifts are mostly or completely random then it makes little sense that high level rifts don't spawn in low level areas and vice versa. By the same token if rifts are under the direct control of the dragon aspects it makes even less sense that we don't see high level rifts spawning near the capital cities to keep them under constant siege.

    #4 More recipe drops from 5-mans. More to the point more low-level drops. These recipes could include crafting costume items as well as blue and even purple quality gear. The epic recipe drops should, of course, be extremely rare and rather costly to make. The crafting system is decent enough but the relative lack of recipes outside of vendors, the complete lack below level 50 I should probably say, is a serious hole in it so far as I'm concerned.

    #5 More 5-man instances. I don't care if Trion takes a modified sliver approach or creates completely new 5-mans, but the game could definitely use a few more. Rift is, to/for me, focused heavily on options and variety, but the dearth of 5-mans significantly hampers that aspect of it. Hell, at one point you can queue for random 5-mans and get the same one over and over again because it's the only one you're eligible for. At a minimum I'd want to see 5 more 5-mans or 12-18 rift-based 5-man instances, even if they're more like mini-instances, that can be cracked open with the proper item, similar to how expert and raid rift lures work, and entered into.

    #5a In the case of new, "real" 5-man instances I would like to suggest Trion take a page from Blizzard and consider making instances built around structures in addition to just the location/landmark instances we currently have. More to the point it would be interesting to see a Rift equivalent to Shadowfang Keep or Scholomance.

    #5b In the case of instance rifts I would suggest smaller, more quickly done instances with 1-2 bosses aimed at a 15-20 minute completion time, 2-3 per plane, and with environments that function in a "here's what the plane looks like, but be careful because you're alive only due to some of Tellara seeping in" manner. Case in point, if you enter into a water rift to the plane of water you might find sections that you have to go around else you'd drown trying to cross the water, but if you have someone in your party that can aid the other members in breathing underwater (temporary buff items, spells, or just everyone having the gear that has that effect) you can take the shortcut, skip some trash, and hit (one of) the boss(es) earlier/faster than normal.

    #6 A true Support role for warriors. Warlords are described as support specialists in their flavor text, but that's not how they function. To address this issue I would suggest a 20 point active (not passive) ability that when used increases the duration of Calls by 1 second per point past 20 and capped at 45 seconds and increases their effectiveness by 10%. I would also suggest a complete review over which buffs overwrite each other and why. Cases in point, there is a huge amount of overlap between Bards and Warlords. Another case of overlap is with Warlords and Inquisitors. Specifically Aspect of the Elements and Spiritual Protection are mutually exclusive. I don't understand the logic in making an earth/fire/wind/water buff overwrite a life/death buff and/or vice versa, but that's how it works now and it should be reviewed.

    #7 A fifth calling applicable to both factions. My suggestion would be something along the lines of the mercenary calling with the following souls:

    Berserker: The berserker class is about pain, blood, rage, and retribution. The more you hurt him, the more he hurts you, the more he enjoys it. This soul should be designed to leap into the fray with various stacking buffs that enhance the berserker combat efficiency when he scores a critical hit, takes a hit, or causes the target to bleed. Among the active abilities should be at least one bleeder on CD. Ideally the soul would not favor any specific weapon style, but personally I would enjoy it if such a soul got the ability to dual-wield two-handed weapons akin to World of Warcraft's Titan's Grip.

    While I'm aware that many players don't want to see ideas dragged in from other MMOs, especially WoW, the idea of dual-wielding a pair of giant battle axes is just really freaking cool. Unfortunately the biggest obstacle to this would be from the art side as many two-handed weapons are appropriately-sized for two-handed weapons. This rather isn't the case in WoW where many two-handers could, based on looks, easily be used in one hand while there are several one-handed weapons you'd swear would be ineffective unless you used two hands.

    Engineer: This soul would function similarly to a cross Rangers and Dominators except instead of animals for pets they would have mechanical constructs. The general idea would be for a mix of pet and party buffs that don't override Bard, Archon, or Warlord buffs.

    Field medic: The field medic should be a soul capable of standing at the front lines and healing those around them until they can get more specialized care. To this effect I would suggest short-ranged AoE healing and buffs combined with either the ability to wear plate armor or a significant boost to armor, and other defensive, values.

    Planar mage: Planar mages twist and reshape the powers of the planes to their own ends by channeling raw energy from them or summoning minions.

    First and foremost though this would be considered a pet class none of the pets would be permanent. They would be akin to the fire elemental summon Elementalists get in that their summons would be temporary. These summons could include summoning one of Regulos' drakes for 2 minutes or a group of 4 spiders from the plane of life for 5 minutes. I would suggest htat these summons do not be mutually exclusive but should be capped at 2-3 to limit the chances of someone summoning up an army.

    Secondly due to the apparently chaotic nature of rifts and planar intrusions into Tellara I would like to see some of this reflected in this soul such as spells that will, for example, do 120-156 death damage and an additional 15-25 damage of a random element type with the explanation being that though you're channeling energy from the plane of death there is bleedthrough from the other planes.

    Frontiersman: This soul would function as something of an amalgamation of Justicar/Druid and Nightblade in that it would be a fairly even mix of melee and ranged combat with many attacks contributing life damage. This soul should also include some traps/snares.

    Planeswalker: Shape-shifter class. Able to take on the forms of (some) creatures from the elemental planes for enhanced stats as well as access to special abilities from those creatures. The branch abilities should mostly be passive buffs to the various forms while the root abilities should be reserved for multi-form abilities, buffs, and/or augments.

    I would also like to see two separate 31 point abilities here while still adhering to the 51 point structure. One would be for a defensive, though not necessarily tanking, buff while the other would be for an offense booster in a fashion similar to Riftstalkers. If the branch paths were lined up in a fashion similar to how the PvP souls are set up this would work.

    Cannoneer: The cannoneer specializes in artillery bombardment and various explosive attacks with the ability to create/summon temporary, and stationary, artillery pieces that can be fired multiple times at multiple spots. While it probably wouldn't be practical a real(istic) approach to physics on this soul would be wonderful as it would be a lot of fun to have a pair of cannons going and walk a trail of fire down a row of mobs as the tank chains groups or to pull off a massive Time-on-Target barrage. Other perks to the soul would be being able to fire debuff rounds up to 40m away with an AoE splash pattern. Is someone chasing your flag carrier? Launch a concussion shell and everyone in the path gets a 15% movement speed reduction. Travel time for shells, as per the real physics model, as well as the need to summon/construct the cannon(s) prior to usage would help balance out the otherwise potentially OP nature of such a soul. I would also suggest something along the lines of Cabalist's Lurking Decay buff to generate cannon shells, 5 maximum, over time with one or two CD-based abilities to generate more in a hurry.

    Fallen Chevalier: The fallen chavalier are disgraced or never-were knights. They joined one of the various martial orders around Tellarra and whether by their own actions or inabilities were dismissed from service. They still retain the training they received with their former brethren while adding newer, more devious methods for dispatching their foes. The fallen chevalier is the tanking soul for the Mercenary calling. It should combine the aggro/defensive capacities of the paladin or warlord with the stuns/CC effects available to souls like the Assassin. The fallen chevalier is not above using dirty tricks or poisons to win the fight, but for all that they'll cheat to win they are still hardened battlefield warriors.

    Gambler: At this point I'm grasping for straws, especially since I don't care much for PvP, but I'll toss this out as an idea for the PvP soul Since all mercenaries are gamblers in their own right it would make some sense for the PvP soul to be based around that aspect. This soul would be very RNG-dependant and the passives/actives should reflect this. I would suggest things such as a weapon enchantment that offers a 5% chance to interrupt target spell casting and a stun attack with a 50% chance to cause the target to bleed for weapon damage over 3 seconds. Passives would include a chance on stun to reduce all incoming player damage by 50% for 3 seconds with an ICD of 30s or more and a chance on crit to deplete the target player's resource pool by 3%/rank.

    Due to the varied/widespread nature of the souls keeping things simple would be rather difficult, though not necessarily impossible. What I would suggest would be a variation of the rogue/warrior energy system where the basic energy amount is 100, the regeneration is relatively low (5-10/second), and the non-"caster" souls (those being Planeswalker, Field Medic, and Planar Mage with a possibility of the engineer being included) getting a root buff akin to the magical->physical conversion Justicars, Druids, and Shamans receive that will enhance the energy regeneration rate up to 15-20/second. The "caster" type souls, however, would receive a boost to energy and regneration based on gear. At this point I would suggest that the calling have all armor types available with AP/crit conversion ratings that favor both stats equally so that unless they're tanking there is no real benefit for the non-casters favoring leather or plate over the other beyond the stats themselves. This would also allow Trion to use int/wis to feed energy growth/regeneration while also building the typical caster stats for the caster souls. I don't know what would be considered balanced, but perhaps +1 energy/15 points of intellect and +1 regen/s/20 points of wisdom. At 300/300 that would yield 120 energy and 20 energy/s regeneration based on a 100/5 energy/s base.

    #8 CPU optimization. Seriously, even the newest and best gaming CPUs have issues running this game at maximum (relevant) settings in areas with large PC crowds. Furthermore it makes absolutely no sense that if the game client is straining for CPU resources to process everything that it limits itself to only 30% of my CPU's output. Rift currently functions at a hard lock of 30% utilization on my PC. It rarely ever goes under or over and it sits there for an average. It doesn't matter how much or how little is going on it sits at 30% and that ought to be "fixed."

    #9 Multi-party and multi-faction raids. Specifically I would like to see raids that have Guardians and Defiants working in cooperation and raids that have them working against each other. The former would be strictly PvE affairs while the latter could, and should, incorporate PvP elements.

    For multi-party raids I would like to see raids that are build around the idea that the raid breaks down into 2-4 5-man groups to compete individual sections of the raid. These raids should have the sub-content build around the 1 tank/healer/support and 2 DPS model while the main 10-20-man content sections should be built around more traditional models. Hard caps on player numbers entering the sub-sections or depositing players into sub-sections based on their party association at the start of the instance should prevent raid members from ganging up to 20-man the 5-man content.

    In either content I would like to see my previously mentioned ideas about landmark buffs from the warfronts section applied. As an example during the 2x20-man cooperative raid each faction's raid group would down content and if they met specific goals along the way (such as using boss X's AoE attacks to destroy device Y which is otherwise invulnerable) the other team receives a small but useful buff for the duration of the raid. In the 2x20-man PvP raids it would function more like the idea as presented for warfronts. In the squad/party-oriented raid content the buffs should benefit the entire raid and result from achieving specific goals like the co-op 2x20 raids. One example being that if you and another party down your respective final bosses in the squad-based content at the same time the entire raid receives a 2% reduction in casting times due to the overflow of released energy.

    #10 Shared account banks. Banks are nice. Guild banks are great. I'd just like to not have to create a guild to have a shared in-game bank for all of my characters as this would either prevent those characters from joining a real guild or force me to turn the alt bank guild into a "real" guild if I want to work on guild-based content.

    #11 The ability to import character settings across servers. I don't really know why these settings aren't (apparently) stored client-side but it's rather frustrating to have to export settings to files and then import them on new servers, manually re-enter them on new servers, or transfer pre-set characters over to the new server to then do a standard import.

    #12 Increased difficulty. I'd like to see leveling slowed down. I'm sure this wouldn't be a popular idea because in this ADHD-laced world of MMO development few people seem to like games that are "too grindy." To this effect I'd like to see world combat become an actual challenge. Increasing the difficulty of mobs wouldn't affect experience rates or experience requirements for the next level. This in turn wouldn't increase or decrease the amount of "grind" needed to get the next level, but because it would take more time to do said grinding the leveling process would slow down.

    This would also have the added benefit of making group quests (beyond trying the level 15 group quests at 15 or level 20 group quests at 20 in Freemarch) actually require groups for all players and not just half or even most while also causing some players to consider grouping together for even non-groupo quests. Please understand that I in no way, shape, or form want Rift to even come close to Final Fantasy XI's level of world PvE difficulty. FFXI's model of forcing 90-95% of all the class combinations to group up in order to engage in world content after a given level is just completely insane. It is, however, the direction, though not the degree, I'd like to see Rift moved in. Even the famed Duracell cleric should have qualms about pulling 10+ mobs down onto her head unless she's significantly over-leveled or over-geared.

    #13 I would like to see either a drastic reduction in green/blue drops or the complete elimination of white items from the game. Nobody ever uses them past the first 5-10 levels except perhaps for wardrobe purposes. Furthermore white items don't drop outside of the starter zones and are only rarely sold from merchants as-is. They serve no real place in the game environment.

    I would instead suggest that they be replaced with green quality items with faction-based appearances (Guardian, Defiant, and neutral) with generic (i.e. no dodge/parry) bonuses. Ideally a level 30 vendor green would still be inferior to a level 30 drop green, but it wouldn't be as outright useless as a level 30 white item which is out-classed by that level 23 green drop you've had for quite some time now.

    #14 BoU/BoE mounts. There's a section for them in the AH but I can't for the life of me ever recall seeing or even hearing of any. Drop-based sub-50 mounts would be nice as well. I would dearly love to see a riding gnar drop from regular FC with a 50-60% movement speed increase or a passenger golem drop from Runic Descent.

    #15 A third faction would be grand. My personal suggestion along these lines would be a group of planar entities and/or cultists who went the route of the Faceless Man in breaking away from the dragons but formed their own society instead of joining one of the two pre-existing factions. Due to their former alliances they would, of course, be negatively viewed by members of both pre-existing factions so they would most definitely not be a neutral faction. This would in turn make PvP a 3-way experience.

    #16 On the further subject of PvP I would like to see the whole faction versus faction junk removed, at least on PvP servers. It never has and never will make sense to me that you cannot gank members of your own faction. The only reason I can see for this is to cut down on the "wah wah, he ganked me and corpse-camped me!" complaint tickets and those can easily be remedied in intra-faction altercations the same way they are in cross-faction confrontations. Seriously, unrestricted PvP for those who are PvP flagged. The only restriction on this I would suggest is that you cannot attack your own party/raid members so that there's no worry about accidentally killing your tank if you get PvP flagged, whether on purpose or accident, on a PvE server or if you're playing on a PvP server.

    I would dearly love to see Trion take a page from CCP and EVE Online in this regard. Even the upcoming Wizardry Online MMO is offering unrestricted PvP like this, and while I'm not a PvP'er were I one I would rather that sort of environment than the quasi-carebear crap you see now in Rift or in games like World of Warcraft. I understand that people are fine with PvP the way it is now, but to me it just looks like two little girls wearing kitty hoodies and slapping away at each other windmill style as if they were in some anime piece until they get winded, fall down, and/or pass out.

    I'd suggest being able to loot your victim for (small) amounts of money and (only) consumable items, but I don't think that would go over very well with the more carebear'ish PvP'ers out there as well as the ones who are on PvP servers loaded down with mental pygmies.

    #17 Otherworldly Sourcestone made BoA.

    #18 World event currency droppable in rift/raid content from those events. Doesn't really make sense to me from an in-game perspective that Alsbeth's harbinger events/rifts no longer drop Otherworldly Sourcestone or that the Tides of Madness zone events don't drop their respective world event currency.

    #19 Artisan vendors that sell items for raw materials. These items could be similar to crafted items, but I would suggest they be slightly weaker while still costing the same or slightly more.

    #20 A slight tweak to the Justicar soul so that Mien of Honor has a .5% increase in either Doctrine effect or wisdom (or intellect for that matter) per point spent in Justicar over 10. I would sorely love to see some sort of scaling bonus in Mien of Honor and not just Mien of Leadership.

    #21 Underwater content. I know swimming isn't Rift's strong suite and that underwater world content development is minimal, but I'm not asking for a Rift equivalent to Vashj'ir from WoW. As much as I enjoyed that zone I don't think an entire underwater zone would be appropriate. Instead I would like to see quests that send you under the ice in IPP, more quests in Freemarch that send you into the lake, and even group content based around this. Likewise I would also like this to tie in with the idea of exploring the elemental planes in that some might be entirely submerged while others only partially or mostly. Not every ability a soul gets should be incredibly useful at all times (Motif of Encouragement) but it would be nice to see Blessing of the Sea and the various breath underwater items become useful, or at least more useful.

    Any rate, that's just a few things off the top of my head that have been percolating around in my brain for the last month or three.

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    first person to successfully read marikhen's entire post gets *incoherent mumbling*.

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