Rift is so close to haveing what most pvpers want in an mmo but sadly i feel it has fallen into the same trap WoW fell into. The problem is Battle grounds. Now battlegrounds are good for ready to go pvp and that is fine but an mmo like rift is supposed to be about being out in the world and pvping and having a dynamic army from rifts to evolve the pvp scene. That hasnt occurred because of the way battlegrounds reward you.
Battlegrounds are good in any mmo but they should be for competition, rank, bragging and prestige, not to farm gear. There should be no rewards gear wise that come from battlegrounds endgame, all rewards gear wise should be from pvp that occurs out in the realm that rift has created for us. The world with rifts spawning and the constant war that is supposed to be taking place. If you notice Wow , Warhammer, Rift etc when you add gear into a battleground you just get afkers and repetition that only lasts as long as the gear grind exists. Put all that gear from fighting players / rifts out in the world with world objectives and the constant struggle that is supposed to exist between Guardians / defiants / rifts, make the player base enjoy the world pvp and not just use it for a leveling zone from 1-50. Why not? Turn the battle grounds into a ranking system where guilds / players compete for titles or bragging rights on a common website to see whos on top. Just my two cents for pushing rift over the top as one of the best games to come out.