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Thread: A Different Bard Play-style

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    Default A Different Bard Play-style

    So, I play a Rogue. I really enjoy the Riftstalker play style. For some reason I can't stand being a Bard, even those that soul is partly why I chose the calling in the first place. I think I've figured out why. I think some people agree that being a Bard is boring with the current design, so below I present an idea for making a different Bard soul, one that's more fun to play.

    What's wrong with the Bard right now?

    Cadence. It's your main ability, and it nails you in place, and it's channeled, so while you're stuck there you're not doing anything. This is contrary to all the other rogue souls, which are mostly based around instant-cast abilities enabling mobility.

    Motifs. You have to refresh five of them every 30 seconds -- that's one sixth of your time spent refreshing passive buffs rather than actually fighting. The best that can be said for this is that you're mobile while you're doing it.

    Personal survivability. Tanks and DPS always have -- or can at least spec into -- "oh crap" buttons that let them survive encounters. Run speedups, temporary immunities, etc. Healers can heal themselves! The bard has nothing. You can't target a heal on yourself, and the soul comes with a limited 20m range and the nailed-in-place problem. It is, in other words, devoid of the joy of being able to push a rarely-used button and survive something that was supposed to kill you.

    So what to do about it? Here's my suggestion. (This is based off of the 1.4 Bard -- I'm not on the PTS -- but I'm sure it could be adjusted easily, since the changes would be minimal.)

    I hope this is somehow inspirational, if a large change is on the cards for the Bard soul, ever.


    New Ability: Note (0pt root)
    Plays a hostile Note, dealing X Life damage to the target. Instant cast. Adds one combo point. 30m range.

    (All other combo point builders and finishers are changed to have 30m range, too.)

    Invigorated Soul
    Effect now applies to Note and Power Chord.

    Coda of Cowardice, Coda of Distress
    Removed. These abilities always get overwritten anyway, and I'm adding new finishers. See Coda of Lament, below.

    New finisher: Coda of Lasting Song (14 pts root)
    Refreshes the duration of all active Motifs on raid members within (a Long) distance to 6 seconds per combo point.

    New finisher: Coda of Speechlessness (20 pts root)
    Deals damage (less than Coda of Wrath) and silences the target for 1 second per combo point. (Gratuitous wishlist item, but really, why can't Bards do this?)

    Triumphant Spirit
    No longer has its previous effect (which is rolled into the base healing values). Instead, every time your abilities heal a target, you have a 33/66/100% chance to gain a combo point on your current target. Cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds.

    Motif of Regeneration
    Removed and replaced with the below:

    New ability: Strum (24 pts root)
    Debuffs the target, causing all hits upon it to heal up to 10 party and raid members for X (scaling with Bard's attack power). Cannot be triggered more often than once every Y seconds (should proc roughly as often as Motif of Regeneration did). Instant cast, adds 2 combo points. Lasts 30 seconds, 10 seconds cooldown. Can only be placed on one target at once.

    Motif of Encouragement
    Moved to 20 pts root, replacing Coda of Distress.

    New ability: Coda of Lament (36 pts root)
    Debuffs the target in some new and exciting way, lasting 6 seconds per combo point. The obvious suggestion for me, if Spotter's Orders remains as a "required" Warrior tank ability, is for Coda of Lament to provide the same debuff. This would give groups and raids another option for getting this debuff.

    New ability: Coda of Self Preservation (46 points root)
    Causes all adverse effects to miss the Bard for 1 second per combo point. 1 minute cooldown.

    Extended Grief
    Now increases the duration of Coda of Lasting Song and Coda of Lament.
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    As long as it's an "alternative" way to be a bard, thats fine. I like cadence and have no issues with how it plays.

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    I never really liked playing bard in pvp although I eventually gave in & saved 1 role for it. What it really needs is some innovation.

    New Verse of Fascination http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULEBSxP725w

    New Riff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RukUetw0hAM&ob=av2n

    New Verse of Captivation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd9ohpDDCRU

    New Verse of Joy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAf3gqdCrDs

    New Power Chord http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u3nm1EybH4

    See...I just fixed bard.

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