I think many people agree that it is difficult to get good testing numbers for builds since there are very few choices for practice dummies and none for lower levels. The only option right now is dueling which is difficult for people with lack of friends. What kind of fixes do you think would work?

Current issues as I see it.
- Lower levels have nothing to work with.
- No AoE practice.
- Can not test abilities that require health to be lower than X%.
- Can not test defenses.
- Can net test against different enemy types (casters vs brutes).

- Be able to spawn enemies that you can kill and can damage you but in a duel like fashion. Even allow for multiple spawns to tryout AoE attacks. I am thinking that after you kill an enemy type a certain number of times you "collect their soul" you can then spawn them from a list and even have an achievement for collecting enemy souls. I would just ban people from spawning inside cities to keep clutter down.
- Have practice dummies mimic your level. Not sure if this is possible without doing some serious code modifications.
- Have purchasable practice dummies and offer all levels.