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Thread: Count warriors, determine outcome.

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    Default Count warriors, determine outcome.

    Please go through your combat logs and see for yourself how often this is the case. It's a bit silly. I wish there was some way for me to bet on games at the beginning of matches, I'd be a millionaire by now.

    Not really interested in what the player base has to say, as it's all based on whatever bias. I would like Trion to look at the numbers and determine if this is what they intend for the game to be.

    Also, any word on the abilities that are stacking damage mods on the wrong things?

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    Wait until 1.5. I think rogues might catch up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by July13th View Post
    Wait until 1.5. I think rogues might catch up.
    If by catch up you mean come from far last to close last, then I agree.

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    buff mages!!!

    I love fighting mages. They so powerful. Please Buff them

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    gives up

    waiting for 1.5 if its cool i carry on
    if its crap will build my tree again
    if this fails so much i wil just simply find somthing else to do

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    Simply counting warriors near the top would in no way be an indicator how good or OP warrior is. You would first have to figure out % of wars to total pop that que for warfront, and then alot of other mathy things that neither you or I are unqualified for. Then you have to consider that warrior is quite easy macro up and do decent with. Given the right macro a warrior can smash that and hit riftwalk whenever he isn't next to a target. Warrior is sadly playable as a 2 button faceroll class, now there are alot of us that utilize all of our abilities in reaction to yours to do rather well, even considering our subpar pvp damage.

    But before yet another ignorant cries nerf warrios, I ask you to ask Trion to:

    PARSE PVP SINGLE TARGET DPS! against 1k+ valor, with all pvp damage modifiers applied. for all of the popular classes/specs.

    Then balance from there, and post the results of these tests. So when a r8 war squashes a r4 cleric, we have a good place to send the QQ.

    PS: Rogue MM dps, on live, is the best single target pvp dps in the game, from 35 meters away.
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