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Thread: PvP Dungeon

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    Default PvP Dungeon

    By adding a checkbox to the LFG dialogue, Trion could give us the option of making our dungeon runs PvP. You queue for a PvP instance and it flags every memeber of the party for PvP, or course. The next group of the opposing faction of appropriate level who also checks the box is dropped in the same instance. The two teams then either work together and clear the dungeon, or battle it out for control of the bosses. Or any combination of those two things.

    The existing dungeons could be used. Not sure how complex this would be from the programming end of things, but it doesn't seem like it should be too difficult. It would add a new dimension to those old dungeons. This could even be used for the LFG too for players sub-50.
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    If nothing else it would make for an interesting 5v5 queue system. I like it.

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