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Thread: Add new base class... or two

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    Default Add new base class... or two

    Rift's flexible class system is a double edged sword. I love it because of how many things I can do with one class, but the replayability is low because there are really only 4 classes, total. In WoW you would make lots of alts and try out the different classes, which kept you around for a long time, but in Rift you only have 4 choices, which severely limits the alt making.
    I suggest to Trion that you add a new base class to the four already present. This will add a much needed reason to make an alt, especially if it is much different than the 4 that are already here. Go wild. There are tons of possibilities. The only thing that is very important is that it does not play exactly like the existing classes. It will need to be distinct. Part of player retention is continually giving them reasons to stick around and trying out new classes is, for many, one of those reasons.

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    I personally think it is a bit too early for this. The game is still fairly new. Perhaps one of their reasons for creating only four classes was to leave room for expansion in the future. But for now, we are still figuring out how to actually play and combine all of the different souls, aren't we?

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    You're right, the classes are already in a such balanced and perfect state we should put another one in.
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