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Thread: More Land = Bigger maps

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    Default More Land = Bigger maps

    Lots effords going towards PVP fix this fix that what ever ..

    What about people that dont care about pvp ... Took me less than 5 weeks to reach LV 50 about same time open all map...

    For me and im sure for other same mindet players Exploration is main fun factor Well thare is nothing left to explore as a no more fun to have.

    How about put some more effords in to new land to explore or even better portals a tear in the fabric of reality to another dimention where Dev. could get real creative with the envirement ..not being bound by overal style of Rift reality. /Its fitting idea following the quantum sight idea and such/

    Not trying to troll here , but I dont see my self DO THE DAILY grind for much longer.

    Rift is nice little game with emphasis on Little.t does feel like a let down.
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    I agree.

    also would like to add that with the leveling/zone level range system

    as players increase in level, we lose the low level area because they become too easy for higher level players.

    why not add a level scale system for higher level players, so trion can hide more easter egg bosses and other things in low level zones so we have reason to explore and find some of them to kill?

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