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Thread: Warriors vs everyone fix

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    Default Warriors vs everyone fix

    1st. this is not a flame on warriors. Its hard to avoid playing a class that requires you to hit 2 buttons in seqence and win.
    However they have too much without any drawback. But I hate seeing a class get nerfed. All that (well in this case "sort of") work in the toon to have it lose something that made it fun is always painful.

    So lets look at what is fundamentally wrong first with warrior.
    HP gains
    No loss for survivability options
    Too many ways to close the distance on too short of a cooldown.
    Innate resistance to, and in at least 2 souls a way to break CCs in addition to break free.
    Too many abilities off GCD that can be spammed.
    Too much damage spike capacity accross most of their dps souls.

    So to counter hp gains-have an innate talent in the dps souls that act as the opposite of the innate talents in the tank trees and take away hps based on the number of points in the soul. Instead of reading for each point you gain .5 endurance you would lose .5 endurance for each point in a warrior dps soul. This should be about the same as a rogue with same gear.

    The problem with survival options isn't totally counterable, but other classes should have the same type options. Before anyone says anything about the chloroloc build, yes we have ONE soul that offers a few seconds of survivability and with the way warriors are running amok it is almost forced on any mage that pvps. We have 9 souls and only one build has any type of survivability versus warriors, thats wrong.

    And here is the actual suggestion part of this post:
    While I understand the reason for CC immunities warriors are simply too mobile and rogues simply have too many cc immune abilities.

    Provide dominator an innate talent that has its own resistance to being purged and their cc's have a chance(based on points invested in the soul) to penetrate immunity.
    Also on the same lines I think alot of the mage abilities that are clickies now should just auto spam off of GCD like warriors do.
    While yes they click on it they do so in a macro, have the same thing built in to the mage souls where things proc and can be macro'd or simply autofire.

    Also I would rather like to see mages rogues and clerics all gain the same innate passives that warriors gain for dancing around smashing two buttons.
    Noticably bleeds(dots), crits causing you to lose 50% of your heals, more damge on other attacks(and sizable increases not this 5% we get now)
    Warriors get talents to cause follow up attacks and finishers to hit 30% harder in some cases or to autocrit. Give the other roles the same options.
    This would fix almost all the class discrepencies and honestly either give all charges the same cooldown and push it to 15s or simply give at least 2 souls in each role a get away option on the same 6s timer that warriors get charge.

    Also bards need a serious increase in cadences ap gains, can we please put their buffs on a 5 min timer like archons?
    Dominators need a castable bolt of some sort(heck I would take a spamable bolt that just did energy/power/mana damage).
    Dominators mass betrayal is on way too long a cooldown, push it down to 30s, champions get a 20% damage buff for 1 hour and I can use my 51 point ability every 2 minutes? Warlocks get a better deal than that as well.
    I think the grand scheme needs a solid looking at as well. Trion did an amazing job but it seems each role team had different ideas on what their role should be like, and warriors just got too many tools.

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    I didnt read

    but I know there is this myth, that Warriors have high survivability.

    This is incorrect when compared to many other calling. plate does little, both in PvP and PvE(unless shield and tank spec)

    There are simply too many ways to bypass armor, that it makes heavy armor pointless.

    who is heavy armor meant to protect the warrior from? I am curious.

    And all callings have burst damage of some kind. I dont know how that makes warriors the red head here with all these myths.

    again not directed at the OP per say, but people really need to look past these myths.

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    Warriors have 3 forms of survivability that most roles simply do not possess without heavily investing in souls that provide some of the benefits, and those souls lower the damage the roles do inversely.

    Plate offers the highest physical mitigation in the game-and with some talents in VK a warrior can be wielding a 2h weapon with the same or higher armor than a S/B warrior, and those talent points aren't wasted because it provides the warrior with a 2fer when hitting blue bars by doing mana damage(automatically) when hitting them.

    Physical mitigation stacks on top of valor to provide the warrior somewhere in the range of 60-75% physical mitigation. So how does that help? Well versus all but 2 rogue souls it shaves off a ton of their damage, versus two mage souls it offers some protection(the pets). And it provide protection obviously from other warriors and 3 of the cleric souls.

    Now the second point of their survivability is their hp gains. A DPS warrior will have 1-2k more than a equally geared dps mage cleric or rogue. Most rogue builds cannot deal more damage to the warrior before he kills them and besides a chlorolock blowing their cooldowns, all mages cannot dps through these hps, again before the warrior spike kills them. Versus clerics it might not be as apparent but I have seen plenty of clerics just get beat down because of the warriors innate ability when they crit to cause the target to lose half the heals they would have got. Again the cleric cannot dps the warrior down before the warrior spike damage kills them.

    Now the counter to all this is CC's but the 3rd way warriors win out is they have multiple viable secondary souls with abilities that remove CCs on fairly short cooldowns.

    And that is the point of the original post.

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