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Thread: Suggestion: Queue for all the things.

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    Lightbulb Suggestion: Queue for all the things.

    What if there was a programmable Queue that we can set with all the things we like to do? You go in and select "Random Dungeon", "Random T1", "All PVP", "Raid Rift", and maybe a few specific lower level dungeons... and bam.. you are waiting in line for everything. First thing to open up.. you go in.

    I have also expanded on this idea.. what if you could have an account wide Queue button... it can work like my idea above OR it can work using the standard tools we have now... you log in as any toon and you can put any of your toons into the Queue.

    This way you can be working on your Dailies on your main, while you wait for ANY of your toons to be accepted into an instance... You accept the instance per usual, and when you finish you are back on the toon you were using before hand.


    Log in as lvl 50 MAIN and work on Dailies.
    -Queue lvl 35 Alt as healer for instance.
    -Queue lvl 20 Alt for PVP
    -Queue lvl 46 Alt for all the things.

    I can only imagine what a programming nightmare these 2 ideas could be, but... I would love something like this.
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