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Thread: Greatest Boss Ever Question Mark

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    Default Greatest Boss Ever Question Mark

    Now i know this is gonna sound stupid but bare with me for a minute. This idea just randomly popped into my head about 2 minutes ago so it isn't really formed entirely but here it goes.

    You start the boss fight and for a while it's just plain tank n' spank. Once you get him down to say 80% he starts to randomly go crazy. For a couple of seconds he'll just run around randomly and scream nonsense but eventually he will freeze and scream something like "DANCE!!!!" or "SIT!!!!" and everyone in the raid has to /dance or /sit or whatever it is he tells you to do. Anyone who fails to do so within say 3 seconds will get cursed with an unremovable curse that forces them to /dance or /sit for the rest of the fight. Now make it a dps race and make him as goofy as humanly possible and you have the greatest boss ever.

    Now this is of course not thought out at all but i don't care. It's simple mechanics but if you make it confusing and random and goofy enough it could be a really hard boss fight for some people. Some random explosions would be good too.

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    2nd boss in GP already kinda does this...no curse, just death or huge damage.
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