i believe this has been suggested before, but i couldnt find it. during zone invasions, odds are people are all over the place fulfilling the requirements of said invasion. recently, i was on the opposite side of SS killing fire invasions for credit towards the zone invasion. after all the invasions died, the boss spawned... all the way on the opposite side of the map. i ran to the nearest portuculum, then headed towards the boss, only to arrive too late. to add salt to the wound, i actually got in range of the boss right when he died.

i didnt get credit for anything. needless to say this made my mood sour, as i was already there helping kill invasions for this zone quest.

please delay the spawn of the zone invasion boss for about 2 minutes after the requirements for his summoning are met, and please mark where he will be spawning so people participating spread across the map can reach him in time to get their credit.