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Thread: in game character editing

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    Default in game character editing

    A lot of people wish that there were editing programs available to redo the look of their characters like changing the features and hair coloring on their toons,

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    Not super high on my list (and I spent time to make my first character look for what I thought was hottest) but I could see some people not wanting to lose their grind/progression but something about how their character irks them and would make them happy to correct. I think I read that stuff like this is coming sometime though.

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    i dont need to redo any current features on my toons, as to what was possible...i did the best i could. but i would love more customization options initially.

    math. females, would love to slim her legs and waist quite a bit , female elves, would love to boost her curves a bit as well ...so she has some @@.

    all males need more options to at least attempt to make them look somewhat ...idk...handsome? Oo right now, none look imo "good"
    - not really knocking things honestly, just a harmless opinion of a possible change in the future

    **not enough options when creating a character. aion had it the very best and although that many options isnt really a must.....quite a few more would have been a great thing ***

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