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Thread: Real Time Community Experience

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    Default Real Time Community Experience

    MMO RPGs' are becoming stale, and boring. Clones of past generations, will only kill the genre due to "been there, done that" players.

    Rift, or any current MMO, needs more (sandbox) game play. Take a real world view point, and add it to the virtual one. MMO RPGs' should have multi-game play tournaments, collections, individual exploration and discovery comes first, with group efforts strung around the world for the most challenging higher end accomplishments.

    But what would truly distinguish the next great MMO RPG, would be Real Time Community Experience. Players love to see virtual community growth, and customization. Building things that matter, is what keeps players playing. And they want to feel a part of something, while showing it off, with a competitive spirit. This must be done with actual (game play). Killing stuff for loots, grows boring when that's all there is.

    For Example:

    1) New faction cities, where players (efforts), both individually and group, can build upon the city to make it grow better. It could be done through victory of battles, resource collecting, professions. The city could grow visually, defensive and offensively, open more stores, and other site seeing attractions. The community efforts is a source of game play, and role building. This could be done with forts, farms, cities, etc.

    2) MMO RPGs' need things like, racing tournaments, card games, and other such mini-games on a community level. Then there needs to be a (((( city leader board ))) , for everyone to see. It creates a reason to play past level caps. Instead of those pesky individual shop tents in other MMOs, what if we had individual poker game tents. Or carnival games. Sled racing in Iron Pine Peaks. Tournament specific locations to scatter people across the gaming world map. The rewards are leader board recognition. Special mounts. Virtual Currency. So on and such.

    3) Community efforts should open a new path of exploration, unlock a new bonus dungeons, build upon the world, grant Realm VS Realm bonuses.

    4) Entertainment. The virtual world needs (magic) movie screens to watch. Plays and theater. Music concerts. Arenas (PVP) pit players together for all to watch. Unique Sports games (PVP) for all to watch.

    These are just a few quick ideas, jotted down. Killing stuff for loots, grows boring, when that's all there is. It lacks the ability to build a true Massive Multiplayer online experience. Though and MMO RPG is exactly what could offer the nest online game play experience. The game should be an individual discovery and growth, with the capacity to group play the gretest tasks, while offering mass networking entertainment. I could easily see other companies $upporting and contributaing to such a game.

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    Mini games and such add a ton of replay value to a game. What you suggested would be nice, reminds me of the old Imagination Network, or Sierra Network. Giving people social things to do would liven things up and change pace, which would really be a good thing.
    If you power level through the game in a month, you deserve to be bored. Slow down, enjoy all the story, and learn the game's wonderful lore. You'll be in for a much better experience.

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