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Thread: Training Arenas - Average Rank

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    Default Training Arenas - Average Rank

    Things have gotten a bit silly with the new valor changes. People quitting because they can't oneshot R1 anymore, demanding whole new shards just for R6 and higher, it's ridiculous.

    Rift would really benefit from a kind of Training Arena where 5v5 or 10v10 battles can take place, even against our OWN faction. If these arenas use an average rank weighting when matching groups, there would be a chance for low ranks to learn pvp tactics such as assist, positioning, and focus fire. There would be a challenge as R6+ face off against people of similar power. On your own shard, within your own guild, you could face off 5v5 and help your guildies learn essential skills or perfect tactics.

    Since it would be open for SAME FACTION fights, Wargroups with one faction overbalancing another would have a way to rank up. It would improve queue times for the overpopulated side, as some from the overpopulated sides would be in Arenas facing each other and some in Battlegrounds facing the enemy.

    I don't know about you but when I hit 30 I don't jump into whitefall until I can contribute - at around 33 or 34 depending on class/build. This would also give a way for people to train and get more skilled and higher ranked before heading to the slaughter of level 50 whitefall and etc.

    Lower ranks l2p
    Assists in lowering queue times for overpopulated factions
    Would make battlegrounds more evenly matched and fun as people have a way to l2p without simply dying and getting yelled at by their own team
    Can even reuse the digital assets of current battlegrounds, although hopefully new Arenas will come out also, specific to the Training Arenas

    Might be more fun than battlegrounds due to more evenly matched fights, which would lead to less people queuing for battlegrounds at low ranks especially

    Solution to the con? Less prestige and favor than the fullscale battles so people still queue up.
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    not bad.

    I think brackets for higher tiered people would be best thing they could do though.

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