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So, here's the list :

Flowing sand : does not give the 25% speed bonus to the caster if the target is immune to snares.

Charged shield : Deals damage to targets under a cc effect that breaks on damage. It often breaks transmogrify because of travel time (mage cast a fireball, you cc him, fireball hits you, charged shield breaks transmogrify).

Death's edict : Doesn't apply the snare effect and doesn't deal damage if the target is immune to the stun effect because of DR.

Storm shackle : Doesn't proc quick thinking, although it's a cc effect. Knockbacks (like thunder blast) don't proc storm shackle, although they should since they make the target move.

Swift control : Doesn't proc if the target is immune to transmogrify (the tooltip states "when you cast", not "when the spell lands").

Thunder blast : Doesn't deal damage if the target is immune to knockbacks because of DR. This spell also removes snares on your target.

Mage pets : They deal very low damage (about 20% of normal damage) against most rift creatures. This bugs affects permanent pets like the necro's pet and also guardian pets like split personality. It also happens with the raid water rift, which means that any pet-based mage build is useless when doing this rift.

Split personality : The shades don't attack targets under the root effect of storm shackle, although it's unbreakable. I guess it's the same for other unbreakable roots.
Their AI is also very bad in both PvE and PvP. They often end up attackings pets or the wrong target in PvP. They should have a petbar so that you could make them move and change targets. If you already have a permanent pet, then make them follow the orders of your permanent pet.

entropic veil: Removes the 5% damage buff from volcanic bomb.

Bloom and Flourish: When specced to be instant-cast, these spells remove the quick thinking and opportunity buffs.

Arresting Presence : This spell breaks transmogrify.

Icy vortex : Overwrites itself in PvP. Which means that it will only last 4-5 sec most of the time and make your target instantly immune to movement impairing effects.

Rock slide : Doesn't deal damage and apply a stack if the mage has between 10 and 19 charge, but still drains 10 charge.

Flourish : Doesn't heal the split personality shades, even if there aren't enough players around to reach the 10 allies limit.

Yeah, a lot of bugs.

I'm looking forward to a purple answer and / or a fix. These bugs have been reported months ago, still no answer about them. I'll bump this thread regularly until they're fixed.