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Thread: Equipment set slots.

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    Default Equipment set slots.

    Can we please get a wardrobe type system to switch between sets of gear, only we actually get the stats? If you tank, dps, pvp, you're likely to have 3 sets of gear plus various sigils and trinkets.

    We could have a system like the wardrobe to store sets of equipment in, that we can switch in between (a command to make swaps done via macros would be great too).

    It would free up a lot of bag and bank space.

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    Default GREAT Idea

    Tobias, I second your motion and move for a vote!
    Only thing i would add is if you could link the armor sets to your spec, so when you change specs, the armor automatically goes to the one you had on for your spec. Other than that I think rift really listens to the people, and this one will be in because of you tobias! Good Job!

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    I currently use /saveequip and /loadequip, in a macro with the switching role command (which I can't remember at the moment), so that I can press one button and switch to a role with the proper gear.

    With the new changes to pvp gear, I just recently went out and bought a set of pvp gear. But I don't pvp enough to carry it about all the time, so it went right into my bank. I am a mage, so much of my gear is the same, but I do have bits for healing, dps and now (looking towards HK) tanking.

    PLEASE, put in some way for gear to not be stored in my bag. I really like the idea of additional gear slots. I think that would be much more flexible than having gear hard-tied to roles. I have a couple of roles I use for dual purpose (especially pvp-pve), and being able to mix and match role and gear sets would be best. Also, we would need to be able to equip one piece of gear to two different gear sets. Perhaps a 'gear bag' like the quest item slots in our journal, and you can then build your gear sets from there? Or some kind of menu for the slot that allows you to 'use item from another gear set'.

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