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Thread: Please create a mobile-friendly version for the rift webpages/forums.

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    Default Please create a mobile-friendly version for the rift webpages/forums.

    Like many other players, I work full-time, and have a lot of obligations outside of my home beyond that. A wonderful pastime for me during breaks at work or at the supermarket waiting in line is reading these forums on my smartphone. I believe it would be beneficial to have mobile versions of the site and the forums so people like me who'd like to see the latest patch notes or read about a new build for my warrior can do so with ease.

    All suggestion threads pleading for Tapatalk to be enabled for these forums have been locked and/or ignored, so I figure that this is the next best thing... even though it'd be more costly to implement.

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    Default Mobile forum browser support

    The repetitive scaling to make the entries visible is kind of tedious. I whole-heartedly agree with the OP. A simple solution is to make the forums compatible with TouchBB, ForumRunner, and/or Tapatalk. My participation in the community is truly limited by my aversion to accessing the Rift forums on my phone.
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