Keep 50% or even 100% more prestiage/favor for wargroups who lose over 70% of wargroups.

Trion must have data to show that certain factions in certain wargroups are winning far more often than not. Doing so will hopefully increase PVP (as I assume was the goal of introducing PVP rifts and stopping wardstones, as they proved not to encourage PVP) and make players more interested in PVP, since even tho they lose. And losing majority of time will not sting as much.

The wargroups can be looked at every week. (Two weeks? Month?) And any wargroup that is not at the threshold losses the bonuses.

Yes, I understand that some will tranfer for the solo purpose of increased prestiage/favor only to transfer out after they obtain their goal, but I believe the over goal would be obtained, ie balance the factions.