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Thread: Few minor things

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    Default Few minor things

    1. Have a checkbox on my crafting list so I can only see what I like to craft and not every single grey item
    2. Weapon wardrobe slot-of course you could only equip sword if your carrying sword-I'm not saying so I can make a sword look like a mace I just find cooler white weps then what I carry
    3. Better dye options on some pieces-some I can only dye like the fringes or seams I want dye more like the designs on some chest pieces
    4. Can I please dye costume pieces like my skull helm
    5. Can we paint out turtles shells to give more uniqueness
    6. Can my turtlee have Like an oil slick function for annoying lvl5 mobs trying to run me down, I'm level 37 for christs sakes-don't they know they'll get an arse woopin

    I'm not to picky or whining-just some little stuff to immerse myself more-I really like lookin different then others and need some flair

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    Default Lol

    Oil slick!

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