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Thread: Neutral trading post

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    Default Neutral trading post

    I'd like to possibly see a neutral outpost/town/villiage of some sort added to a future update or expansion, with an auction house where both factions could auction off wares to the opposing side.

    There should be a bit more of a listing price IMO.

    I'm not sure if level locking would be appropriate or not. Probably not since many people have low level crafting alts.

    The idea is supported in game as in IPP there is the area(name escapes me atm) with both factions on opposing side of the building.

    That's about all I have right now but I thought I'd throw it out to the wolves and see how it would be received.

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    I'm not much a fan of this idea, seems like a way to exploit the faction difference. Say you want to reroll as a Guardian because the Defiants are really bad (or vice versa), you could just auction off a lot of low-quality items at high prices, buy them with your Defiant (or have a buddy do it) and essentially transfer all of your funds. I don't think Trion would approve, but that's just my opinion.

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    Easy way to transfer money from Defiant to Guardian and vice versa

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    Thumbs up Signed

    Love this idea.

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