I have an idea. How about an island sandbox zone off the coast of the current map.

Keep in mind: when I say sandbox don't assume I am talking about FFA or something stupid like that.

Sandbox simply means the world can be changed and build upon by players.

Player housing:

The way player housing could work, it could be persistent and instanced hybrid. And it would be built in a neighborhood type setting to form some sort of player made city. Both factions will have their own neighborhood city.. they will have PvP npc guards ands boss elite heroes to defend it. These player made cities have a PvP goal gameplay purpose.. you get reward for defending and attacking these cities. Also the water surrounding the area offer naval combat. This opens a new profession called ship building. Players can make water canals and rivers in this area as shortcut for the boats to travel in.

Player cities also get attacked by elementals..