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Thread: New souls, prices, etc

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    Default New souls, prices, etc

    As a new player to Rift, I have one toon that got to do quests for her souls, and another toon that I made to level with friends that I recruited who was too late to do the soul quests. I have very little money and it is expensive to keep switching specs around to try them out. I tossed my too-squishy-to-solo caster off-spec on my Cleric the other day and trained up a sort of tank/melee dps spec, which cost over 4 plat to do with all the new spells to train. I'd like to tear it down and rebuild it with more points into another soul, which will be even more platinum. On my chloromancer Mage, I'd like to try something new, too, but I only have three souls. Another three would be 60g, then all the training for new spells... I just don't have this kind of money. The AH is terrible for selling stuff. It seems that nothing ever sells unless you put it up for prices that are too low to be worthwhile.

    I'd really like the soul quests back. People should have the option of doing soul quests or paying for new souls. I do not buy online currency, as I believe it ruins game economies, but given mount prices and all the rest, it's been hard to make money on my toons and be able to play them. I can't afford to explore everything they can do, and frankly, leveling 4 or 5 clerics or mages just to test out souls does not appeal.

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    If they brought the Soul Quests back, I'd hope there was more individuality than always opening the same Rift and having an uninspiring 10-second fight.

    For instance, to earn the Paladin Soul, you need to defend a clutch of villagers from sword-wielding goblins. Stuff like that. I really do miss the Soul Quests, and think that buying them takes a lot of the excitement out of it all.
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    I agree, add back in the soul quests. Lower levels are already having to deal with training/respeccing costs and saving for a mount. Give folks options please!
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