RIFT 1.4 Hotfix #7 - 8:00am PDT 8/17/11 [NA] - 1:00am GMT 18/8/11 [EU]

* Crafting Rift lures now stack to 20.
Great! Been waiting for this for a long time.

Now, please, make Crafting Lures "Bound to Account" so you can actually transfer then to your main character.

I don't know if its just me, but I have a main level 50 char (Butcher, Foraging and Mine Maxed 300) and a level 30 alt (Artificer, Armorsmith and Weaponsmith). Right now my Level 30 alt has 12 Crafting Lures.

I could send them all to my main level 50 character and open then as Level 50 Rifts and find more partners to come and use benefits of my Crafting Lures.

So please, do this at next hot fix, as its is fairly easy to implement.

Thanks in advance