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Thread: Group join in rift/dungeons

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    Default Group join in rift/dungeons

    Most of the time when im in a low level rifts, high level players esp 50s run in and kill everything in sight. What bother me the most is when i hit join group, they leave, 5 sec later, i hit join again, they leave. What i dont understand why they keep killing all those useless mobs in rifts or dungeons from low level players to get any fun or anything at all. Trion need to redo this group things by automatically join group and cannot leave unless you leave the areas. If the players doesnt do anything, they hardly get anything in return. So if the player is high level and killing everything, what the low level players get out of this, prob nothing? Also noticed this can be done by powerleveling other players to get high level quickly and should be avoided as possible, most players dont know what they are missing and should earn it.

    I also noticed i manage to take out lvl 9 rift with lvl 15 rogue and got some weird high level drops, like weapons, armor, etcs. Begin to understand why they are doing this and should be fixed ASAP.

    I find this less interest to play while high level players rush in taken all the kills and the low level players cant get much out of it.
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