Rifts logging system is a nightmare.

First off the .txt files generated from a /log or /combatlog command continue to write to the same .txt file without starting a new .txt file during the next log in session. The problems encountered with continuously writing to the same .txt makes the file impossible to open and view with conventional text editors since the file is so large.

Next there is no date stamp for each log in session. This represents a bit of a problem since the current log files continuously dump right back to the same .txt documents which makes it difficult to separate events in the .txt file, especially when you have several weeks worth of log text accumulated.

No auto log option. This is pretty self explanatory there is no option to automatically start logging when you log in.

Ready check results for ready do not display in the general log file. The general chat log will generate a result when a player is not ready, but not when a player is ready.

So please for the love all things please spend some time working on your log files. I do not know how bad this issues will effect the modders but i have a feel it is a nightmare to work with.