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Thread: What I would like to see in Rift

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    Default What I would like to see in Rift

    1) More crafting recipes, at 300 in Apothecary / Foraging / Butchering, I am all out of crafting recipes, I expect this is the same across the board for those people who have put in the time with the other crafts.

    I would suggest adding new recipes with every new update/world event, do I want a green tartagon.. not really, would I like a bigger selection of recipes to create stuff for the group... for sure.

    2) More small guild / solo content at end game

    Its a no brainer, not everyone is a raider

    3) More raids / instances / Warfronts

    These will be required to keep the population healthy, keep players into the game.

    4) More armor skins / weapon skins / character customisation options

    Most characters look the same, sure you can change the tan or depth of colour on a toon, but the basic structure of the face and body looks generic.

    The armor isnt inspiring at all, every few armor changes during lvling and i am back to the look i had 10 lvls ago...

    Add more customisation options, they are needed... more like APB customisation but in a sci fi/fantasy way would be good.

    5) More balance across class souls

    The most commonly played combo for a rogue seems to be: Ranger/Marksman/Assassin you see them everywhere, I have one... why is this. It is pretty evil dps, the pet grants a tank and is hardy if you remember to heal it.. so you can beat the content, if in packs with that build much harder content can be beaten...

    That a combo seems so much more used then another sorta indicates the other souls fall by the wayside a little.

    Maybe a little balancing of souls needs to be done to make the other rogue souls viable... just a thought.

    I expect there are also other souls in other classes that are pre-eminent.

    6) More mob types..

    Seems a lot of the mob types are just renamed, given more hps and damage and recycled.. I think there should be at least 10 mobs unique to each area.. least then in the first instance you can go wow its a large catapillar, havent seen that before, rather than.. oh its another wolf!! ;)

    Just some ideas

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    I agree -----^

    Just would like to add,,, more melee animations and weapon combat stance animation reworked. Melee looks lame. I don't want flashy melee animations like Aion, but I also don't want crappy realistic animations like Warhammer. I would like something in-between like WoW and AoC.

    Also please add darker skin tones. Can't make a Black Humans

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