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Thread: Item stacks

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    Default Item stacks

    Most items stack to 20. People prefer to carry mass amounts of stuff like drink, heal pots, mana pots, rift consumables and such. If limiting the stack amount was a way to put value in having bigger bag sizes, I think at least allow most items to stack to 100. If those things have no relation I wouldn't mind seeing them stack to amounts like world event currency does in our bags. Theres lots of stuff that ends up in bags besides clickies and consumables. It adds up fast, also the fact that different tiers create different stacks and often the top 2 - 3 tiers of many stackable items are worth having as well when you get them.

    Just a plea to increase bag space from being taken up by stacks of popular consumables and different tiered things on hand.
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    Default Stacks in general

    Auto stacking in Guild banks. it doesn't work, i would like it to, but it doesnt.

    Using items like pots and drinks. it doesnt pull from the lowest pile, it pulls from the lowest bag slot. so we end up with wasted space.

    Great idea btw on the stacks of stuff to 100

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