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Thread: Trion - Fire your itemization team

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    Default Trion - Fire your itemization team

    Yea thats my suggestion. Fire them. Or at least figure out WTF is going on.

    Just a few observations off the top of my head (while im bored at work):

    ---Cloth dps gear often has more benefits to clerics then mages

    ---Leather dps gear often has more benefits to warriors then rogues

    ---PvP gear, which can be simply faceroll grinded for, often is better then and outperforms PvE gear of a "similar level". Especially if you use enchants and gear mixes to make up for Hit/Focus loses. Trying to go for r8 almost seems easier then trying to get some raid drops.

    ---Synergy crystal confusion. There are PvP crystals, t1/2 dungeon PvE crystals, HK PvE Crystals, BUT NO T1 RAID CRYSTALS!.. wtf? Let us not forget that the best ones in the game are PvP, so far outstripping PvE ones that its sad.

    ---Currently your drop rates allow for a ton of chain due to the fact that clerics kinda need 3 types of gear for 3 types of rolls, but sadly most of it is tank chain, meaning loads of rot loot. Consolidate the chain stats to allow less chain drops so other class type drops are more frequent and also easier times for clerics putting together gear builds without needing 10 sets.

    ---Current relic drop setup is pathetic to the point where it makes one cry. Im not sure how something in the area of 15/20 relic drops being mage staffs is considered "random" and "balanced" loot drop distribution.

    ---Complete lack of "proper" stat variety. For example... chain is nearly all Wisdom (dps/heal) or Endurance (tank) weighted with little Intel focus. This "forces" certain gear set ups, enchants, and contributes to the "roll on another classes gear" problems. Building hybrids is also made harder in this way, and yet the games "spec" or "soul tree" system seems entirely based on hybrid and flexible building.

    I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on........ and on and on and on.......

    but you get the picture. Wake up and kick the butts of those responsible for itemization. They are sleeping on the job.... or perhaps they just get so distracted by the often bland and hidious armor graphics that they forget about the stats. /lulz

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